Crystal Necklaces

History of Crystal Necklaces

Beads have been present for such a long time in history, but crystal beads did not become manufacturable for making jewelry until the 1200s. Crystal beads became fashionable, and most jewelry makers demanded more of these products to meet the public's desire. The creation of crystal beads does not record any inventor, but the crystal itself is its history. The history of crystal beads started when it was discovered to be an excellent addition for making jewelry. However, crystals have been a great demand for making different glassware types before entering the jewelry industry. As time passed by, a large area of Austria became popular in creating crystal beads in the early 19th century. Daniel Swarovski and his family became famous for making glass and crystal beads. Growing up, he developed machinery that enabled them to cut crystals, where his dream came true. In 1892, he started to have partners in his crystal beads business and started his Swarovski Crystal Company in 1895. Crystal beads became very popular in making different types of jewelry in Austria and several parts of the world, such as Ireland, the US, and Japan.

One of the famous types of crystal jewelry relishing the jewelry industry is crystal necklaces. Ancient people believed that these necklaces were used for healing and medication and to expand one's consciousness. That's why the majority used these necklaces before. It was also believed that your communication with your guiding spirit and aid in past-life would be enhanced when you wear genuine crystal necklaces. Before, these necklaces were considered talismans that ward off different kinds of evil. Historically speaking, they are touted to be ancient forms of medicine, and philosophies support this under Hinduism and Buddhism. However, this is not a justification or scientific evidence that supports the use of crystal necklaces. It's still their colors and beauty that lead people to be drawn to them. Now, many crystal necklaces are becoming famous because they make perfect pieces of ornaments that add a little spark and color to everyday outfits. You can find various stunning crystal necklaces styles that fit your budget.

Types of Crystal Necklaces

Crystal necklaces have become popular because of their fashionable use and metaphysical properties. When choosing a crystal necklace, it should depend on the person's preferences. Below are some types of crystal necklaces that you can choose from.

According to Uses

  1. Healing Crystal Necklaces - these necklaces are believed to bring more abundance and healing. Whether the wearer is in pain or looking for recovery, these necklaces are just what they need.
  2. Love Crystal Necklaces - these necklaces feature one or more genuine crystals that signify unconditional love. They are ideal gifts that complement a romantic relationship. If you are ready to expand your passion into a more significant or larger realm with your special someone, buy these love crystal necklaces.
  3. Peace Crystal Necklaces - these necklaces are made using synthetic crystals. They are considered to be excellent choices when the wearer wishes to attract more harmony and peace into their relationships. Peace crystal necklaces are believed to offer peaceful and positive energy when worn.
  4. Prosperity Crystal Necklaces - these necklaces usually use small crystals that promote prosperity in the overall environment. People who wear prosperity crystal necklaces are believed to experience feelings of contentment and well-being.

According to Crystals Used

  1. Clear Quartz Crystal Necklaces - these necklaces are considered to be "master healers." They are said to amplify energy and are believed to aid concentration and memory. These necklaces are claimed to help stimulate the immune system as well.
  2. Rose Quartz Crystal Necklaces - these necklaces come in pink and speak about love. They are believed to help restore trust and harmony in different kinds of relationships. These necklaces are also considered to encourage respect, love, and trust.
  3. Jasper Crystal Necklaces - These necklaces are smooth and are known as the supreme nurturer. They are said to empower the spirit and protect the wearer from absorbing negative vibes. They also promote quick thinking, courage, as well as confidence.
  4. Obsidian Crystal Necklaces - these necklaces are believed to shield the wearer against any physical and emotional negativity. Obsidian crystal necklaces are also believed to promote strength, compassion and help the wearer find their real sense of self.
  5. Moonstone Crystal Necklaces - these necklaces are known for new beginnings and encourage inner growth and strength. They promote positive thinking, inspiration and bring success and good fortune.
  6. Bloodstone Crystal Necklaces - these necklaces are believed to help cleanse the wearer's blood by improving their blood circulation. Bloodstone crystal necklaces encourage selflessness, idealism, creativity. It also helps the wearer clear out irritability, impatience, and aggressiveness.

Modern Types of Crystal Necklaces

  1. Gold Crystal Necklaces - these necklaces are believed to bring success, happiness, enthusiasm, and power. As the name states, they are typically made of gold embellished with crystal stones.
  2. Silver Crystal Necklaces - these necklaces are made of silver adorned with crystals. They are believed to increase and help regulate the emotional energy of the wearer. These necklaces also provide a strong connection between physical and astral bodies.
  3. Swarovski Crystal Necklaces - these necklaces are made of crystal glasses and named Swarovski because of the founder. They are believed to bring positive energy, joy, hope, luck.
  4. Crystal Bridal Necklaces - these necklaces are contemporary and fabulous necklaces used by most brides nowadays. Crystal bridal necklaces come with either white or pink colored crystal stones.

Whether you are looking for a crystal necklace for yourself or a special someone, it is always an advantage to have ideas of its different types to narrow down your options. Once you know what kind of crystal necklace to select, you can directly purchase the one you desire. Shop your crystal necklace with us by visiting our website. Just log in to, and you'll be in awe with our crystal necklaces collection.

How to Choose Crystal Necklaces?

Choosing a crystal necklace can be overwhelming, especially when there are various options. Famous crystal healers once said that "you do not select the crystal jewelry; it’s the crystal jewelry that chooses you." But, that might not be applicable in today’s modern fashion trend. So being a buyer of crystal jewelry like crystal necklaces, you need to be equipped with some factors to consider when choosing one. Aside from the basic things, such as length, style, and metal used, the following can also be followed:

  1. The easiest way to choose a crystal necklace is to use your intuition and pick the first one you are drawn to. If a specific necklace pops out and keeps capturing your attention, then you know that it's the perfect piece.
  2. Considering what type of crystal necklace you need at the moment is the next thing to do. You can choose a crystal necklace based on its unique properties to help you in certain situations.
  3. Choosing the color you desire is also essential. Color is tied up to all aspects, especially to visual elements. Make sure that the shade must speak your personality and style. Remember to select the one that reflects your aura.

If you believe in various crystal stones' healing properties, choosing a crystal necklace with particular healing properties that you prefer can be a factor to consider. Look for the crystal necklace that will give what you need in terms of healing aspects.

When to Wear Crystal Necklaces?

Some crystal necklaces are versatile, which means you can use them every day regardless of your attire and the occasion you are attending to. Others are not suitable to wear daily but can be good ornaments for a special occasion. As a fashion stylist, you need to master the mixing and matching game of crystal necklaces so that you can pull off the look that you want. No matter how you wear your crystal necklace, it’s your confidence that will bring your fashion statement to the next level.