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Cross Necklaces

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History of Cross Necklaces

The cross's symbol is considered one of the most famous icons used in making jewelry ever since. A lot of people incorporated crosses as primary symbols of their culture and beliefs. These became a symbol of Christianity a long time ago but were not often worn most of the time because Christians seen wearing any signs of the cross will be prosecuted. This symbol became very popular, which led to becoming a sign of the world's major religions. Later on, it paved its way to being acceptable when celebrating faith and devotion. As time passed, crosses were used to embellish different jewelry types and became a popular gift for various religious events. Cross jewelry is seen worn by most people not only during religious events but almost every day. These became famous pieces that people considered as excellent choices when expressing their faith and beliefs.

One of the most famous types of cross jewelry is cross necklaces. These necklaces have been popularly known since the discovery of cross jewelry. The history of cross necklaces was traced back to the 2nd century when paleontologists found several of these items during the 5th and 6th centuries. These necklaces that were seen before were made of various metals such as platinum, gold, and silver and are usually embedded with beautiful gemstones. Members of the royal family and laypersons are often seen wearing cross necklaces before. These ensembles are a prominent division of a Christian fashion. They have served as universal symbols of Christianity since ancient times. Nowadays, various types and styles of cross necklaces can be purchased in different jewelry stores. They are not just identified as a holy symbol of the love for Christ but also a staple piece of jewelry that anyone could have.

Types of Cross Necklaces

Nowadays, various types of cross necklaces are available in different stores. These necklaces have become a jewelry staple that men and women wish to have. They symbolize the Christian faith, and each may have different styles and meanings. Below are several types of cross necklaces that are widely recognized worldwide.

  1. Celtic Cross Necklaces - these necklaces are also known as the ringed cross. Celtic cross necklaces featured a circle at the top and were initially created in Ireland. The circle part of it is believed to represent eternal life.
  2. Crucifix Cross Necklaces - these necklaces are defined as Latin crosses that depicts the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. They usually display the body of Christ nailed to the cross wearing the crown of thorns on His head.
  3. Latin Cross Necklaces - these necklaces are the most common types. Latin cross necklaces typically have longer descending arms and offer a sleek beauty that most Christians prefer.
  4. Greek Cross Necklaces - these necklaces have equal arms on all sides. Greek cross necklaces have short, stout looks that make them appealing and give a more masculine style. They were discovered around the 4th century and considered to be perfect cross necklaces for men.
  5. Jerusalem Cross Necklaces - these necklaces feature a large cross with equal lengths and a smaller cross placed within each right angle. Jerusalem cross necklaces were once called Crusaders cross because of their relationship to the Crusades.
  6. Orthodox Cross Necklaces - these necklaces are also called Russian cross necklaces. They feature two crossbars near the top and one diagonal cross below. Many orthodox cross necklaces contain the letters IC and XC. IC are Greek characters for "lota and sigma," which means the first and last letters of Jesus. XC means "chi and sigma," the first and last letters of Christ.
  7. Wooden Cross Necklaces - these necklaces are beautiful and understated versions of cross necklaces. They have this simple beauty that underlies a spiritual meaning in the belief that Jesus Christ was crucified on a wooden cross. This is also the reason why this icon is used worldwide.
  8. Coptic Cross Necklaces - these necklaces often feature in arms divided into three points. Coptic cross necklaces are usually made of flowers to make them more beautiful and decorative. They have 12 points joined together, which symbolize the 12 apostles.
  9. Templar Cross Necklaces - these necklaces use the famous image of the Knights Templar. They have narrow arms in the center that seem to be the branches of the cross extend.
  10. Tau Cross Necklaces - these cross necklaces feature a T-shaped where all the three ends of the cross extend. Tau cross necklaces are one of the most popular cross necklaces used worldwide.

The mentioned types of cross necklaces above are among the most sought-after cross necklaces. Aside from these, you can also choose dainty ones for men and women. If you are looking for a perfect gift for a special woman, gold cross necklaces for women are ideal. One famous cross necklace for women embellishing the jewelry industry is the gold diamond cross necklaces. Men's cross necklaces are also an excellent choice of present. Whether you are buying for yourself, these necklaces are always the perfect choice for someone special.

How to Choose Cross Necklaces?

Some essential things must be remembered when choosing the right cross necklace for yourself or a gift for a special someone. Selecting a cross necklace can be easy if you know what you aim to have. On the other hand, it can also be challenging if you have no idea about choosing one yet. The following are a few things to bear in mind when selecting a cross necklace.

  1. Size and weight. Choosing the cross necklace's length is usually the first and most practical step to consider. It would be best to consider the weight of the item on which you are comfortable, too. Remember that the size of the cross necklace you choose will also affect its weight. The smaller it is, the lighter it will be, but of course, this also depends on its material. Men often select larger cross necklaces, while women prefer smaller ones.
  2. Material Used. The kind of material used is also a factor to consider, mostly if you aim to wear your cross necklace for a longer period. In most cases, the cross necklace should be made of lightweight material, has a smooth edge, and durable. It is essential to consider the type of material used because it will also give you comfort. Avoid choosing the ones that will cause some skin allergies.
  3. The Style or Type. Style is the factor that makes a cross necklace wearable. The wearer must always feel comfortable while wearing it. When purchasing a cross necklace for another person, consider the style that they prefer. Remember, when selecting a cross necklace, it should be in accordance with the style, lifestyle, and how often.

To summarize everything, when choosing a cross necklace, it is wise to consider the following tips given above. If you are looking for a perfect piece of cross necklaces, you can visit our website and explore our cross necklaces collection.

When to Wear Cross Necklaces?

Cross necklaces are versatile pieces of jewelry that are considered your everyday go-to accessories. These are ideal for wearing when attending religious events or occasions. Take note, not all types of cross necklaces are suitable for wearing during formal events or evening occasions. Their simplicity and elegance can help any wearer pull off the look they want to convey or express. When wearing cross necklaces daily, make sure that you know how to mix and match the metal used and the necklace's style with your daily outfits.