Children's Rings

History of Children’s Rings

Wearing of children's jewelry is both historical and Biblical. Children have worn different types of jewelry throughout the centuries because of several reasons. Although jewelry is used as ornaments, it is worn as a sign of status and wealth for children. Superstitious beliefs also played a role when it comes to jewelry. Some parents believed that children wearing jewelry pieces would help ward off the power of evil spirits. It is also believed to prevent sickness and protect any child from bad luck. This is one of the many reasons parents let their children wear any jewelry, and that children's jewelry became daily ornaments as time goes by.

Jewelry gifts such as rings are excellent ideas to make a little one happy. Like necklaces, rings are recommended for grown-up kids, and these are types of jewelry that come in countless kinds and styles. Girls, especially kids, always adore rings, and nowadays, many types of rings make every child feel so excited and grown-up. Giving jewelry to children is an excellent way to provide them with a taste of maturity while also preserving their childhood at the same time.

Nowadays, the most common reason for giving like children's rings is because it serves as a meaningful gift that will last for a long time. Personalized children's rings and any other customized jewelry are excellent gifts during baby showers, christening, birthday gifts, or other special occasions in a child's life. Giving children some personalized jewelry in today's generation can be a family heirloom that will be cherished from one generation to another.

Types of Children’s Rings

Do you want to get your child a gorgeous piece of ring? When picking a ring, it is always important to look at different ring settings. However, choosing the perfect one may be a daunting task, which always becomes necessary, especially when the ring is for a child. Many types of ring settings are not suitable for an active lifestyle, so play it safe by choosing the following child-friendly ring settings:

  1. Bezel Setting Children's Ring - is one of the most popular types of setting in all age groups. This ring set has a thin metal ring that surrounds any precious stones and holds them in place tightly. This ring set will help your kid run and play without worrying about losing the ring. Unlike other ring settings, bezel settings have no sharp prongs that can snag your child's clothes or scrape their skin. These settings are timeless and chic, which will never go out of style.
  2. Channel Setting Children's Ring - this type is also snag-free and safe for kids. Channel setting features gemstones that are set closely together within a carved channel out of the ring. This is mainly seen on stackable rings and wedding bands, but this is also an excellent choice for children because they are age-appropriate and not very flashy. These rings are also considered as one of the safest types of children's rings.
  3. Flush Setting Children's Ring - this type of ring setting for children offers more versatility because the stones do not have to be set into a channel. Flush setting rings also help kids to avoid injuring themselves and snagging their clothes. A whimsical and kid-friendly setting, which makes it an excellent choice!

Aside from the different types of children's rings according to settings, there are also some famous rings that a child can wear. These are the following:

  1. Children's Gold Rings - these rings are usually made of gold. Choosing a gold ring for a child may vary from different gold forms such as yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold.
  2. Children's Diamond Rings - these rings are usually embellished or designed with diamonds. These rings are a smart choice of gift for a kid who wants to look dazzling and stunning.
  3. Children's Birthstone Rings - these rings are personalized as they indicate the child's birthstone on them. Birthstone rings can add a pop of color to a child's everyday look.
  4. Children's Silver Rings - these types of children's rings are made of silver. You already have the ideas of the different types of children's rings, and now, it's time for you to pick the perfect one. Do not hesitate, nor have second thoughts! With the help of IceCarats, you will indeed find the ring ideal for your child. Just check our website and discover the gorgeous rings we can offer. 

How to Choose Children’s Rings?

Wearing jewelry is considered fashion, and it helps children nowadays to showcase themselves in a way that they can gain self-confidence. It allows them to explore and showcase their style and personality. As a parent or an older one, it is good to encourage your child's self-expression by supporting them in wearing child-friendly jewelry. Before purchasing a piece of the ring for your little one, the following are some reminders to consider.

  1. The first thing that is suggested when choosing a ring for your child is to check the type of material used. The reason why this should come first is that there are numerous kinds of materials used in creating rings, and some may have some allergic reactions to your child. Nevertheless, choosing a ring depends on their taste. You also need to make sure that they would appreciate it when you select it for them.
  2. When children are wearing a piece of jewelry, they should look best on it. Take time to consider the design of the ring you are choosing, and select the one that grabs you and your child's attention. Knowing the ideal design of a ring suitable for any occasion is undoubtedly a factor to consider.
  3. Choosing the exact size of the ring is important. When buying a ring for your kid, consider purchasing the one that can be resized to fit into their finger.
  4. Checking the thickness of the ring you want to purchase is also important. The thickness depends on what kind of material was used in making it. Know the ring's thickness that would suit your kid's style and personality, and select the best item. 

These are some of the many things you need to know about choosing a ring perfectly. After learning these, you'll be ready to pick the ring that will look best on your child. If you are looking for a place where you can purchase top-quality and beautiful rings, you can visit our website There are indeed a lot of selections that we can offer!

When to Wear Children’s Rings?

Children have been wearing jewelry for almost centuries now. They have been wearing different types of jewelry as part of their everyday look. While the jewelry trends come and go, some basic guidelines are timeless, followed by letting a child wear a ring. One of the essential things when wearing a ring is considering when to wear them for each occasion. Sometimes, you want your children to wear their rings, but the key is to know when it’s okay.

  1. Everyday Jewelry. Some styles and types of children’s rings are acceptable to wear as everyday ornaments. Determine what kind of ring your child can use every day, especially those rings that will not snag their clothes and are safe for their daily activities.
  2. School Jewelry. Children can choose a piece of ring that they can wear when they go to school. But choosing the type of ring to be worn in school is a must.
  3. Formal Event Jewelry. Some of the parents may bring their children with them when attending a formal event, and of course, they also wear formal clothes. Some types of rings, especially those stunning and dazzling pieces embellished with diamonds and other gemstones, will help a child show how elegant they can be wearing their rings.
  4. Party Jewelry. Select the rings that accentuate their looks and show off their great personality when attending parties.