Childrens Bracelets

History of Children’s Bracelets

The wearing of children’s jewelry came from different beliefs and references. Some let their children wear jewelry because of biblical reasons and historical reasons. Children’s jewelry has been used for centuries as personal decoration, but others serve as an indication to show their social status and wealth. Many superstitious beliefs played a vital role in the history of children’s jewelry. Most parents before believed that when they let their children wear jewelry, it can ward off different evil spirits and protect them from illnesses and harm. Before, children’s bracelets were made from different things seen in the surroundings like shells, teeth of an animal, pieces of wood, pebbles, bones, and the like. The most practiced custom before is gifting a necklace or bracelet to an infant during their birth. As time passed, jewelers from Egypt introduced different types of children’s jewelry, including bracelets made from various gems and metals.

During the Middle Ages era, there were various types of children’s bracelets that have been known. Children’s bracelets made of gold settings and precious stones became famous during this time. This was also when royalties only wore these bracelets. In Victorian times, children’s gold bracelets and children’s silver bracelets were the ones that older children often wear. Many of the bracelets were also personalized with engravings, and these pieces will become a family heirloom. Nowadays, many children’s bracelets that Victorian babies wore can be found on display in many museums. Pieces of bracelets for children with different charms are on the top list of the most commonly worn ensembles. These children’s charm bracelets became the most sought after jewelry designs. The main reason for giving a jewelry gift to an infant or a child is the spirit of providing a meaningful and thoughtful present that will last a lifetime.

Types of Children’s Bracelets

Different kinds of bracelets became popular ornaments since ancient times, not only for men and women but also for children. Nowadays, children's bracelets have risen in popularity because they signify importance to whoever receives them as a gift. Different types of children's bracelets are available to suit various aesthetic tastes, and the following listed below are some of them.

  1. Children's Gold Bracelets - are classic materials. These bracelets can be available in white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. Gold bracelets for children are a perfect piece of jewelry because it is unlikely to tarnish quickly. This is also an ideal piece of jewelry for infants who have sensitive skin. These bracelets will hold up enough to be passed down to the next generation.
  2. Children's Silver Bracelets - are similarly valuable to gold bracelets and an equally ideal bracelet that will not give any allergic reaction to an infant or a child. These bracelets may include all sorts of accessories or may also appear as plain metal. Styles, designs, and different shapes of children's silver bracelets are available to make them unique and suitable for a child.
  3. Children's Wooden Bracelets - some mothers or adults seek an environment-friendly material for their children that is not metallic. A wooden bracelet is the most common example. Wooden bracelets for children are also engravable, just like metallic bracelets. They may cost less depending on the wood used, and their clasps are usually made of metal or other materials.
  4. Children's Engravable Bracelets - these are the common examples of personalized children's bracelets. Engravable bracelets for children are becoming popular nowadays. Children's medical alert bracelets fall into these criteria because they can be embossed with the name, initials, birthdates, or medical conditions. Engraving always provides a classic way to personalize your children's bracelets and add more value to them and make them a keepsake as they grow older.
  5. Children's Beaded/Bead Bracelets - are among the most popular types of children's bracelets. These bracelets are made of different types of precious or semi-precious stones and materials shaped into beads with various shapes, patterns, and textures. Bead bracelets are easily adapted to varying sizes of a child's wrist and are combined with multiple clasp types.
  6. Children's Charm Bracelets - charms made of silver, gold, or wood are utilized to embellish different types of children's bracelets. Sometimes charms used in making bracelets for children are combined with beads, gemstones, or any other designs that can make the bracelet look unique. Charm bracelets depict many symbols and shapes that represent hobbies, values, and a child's milestones.
  7. Children's Bangle Bracelets - bangle bracelets for children, have solid styles because of the materials they are made from. These bracelets are typically cylindrical that forms a circle around the wrist. They usually have no clasp and can slip over the child's hand but are ideal because of their simplicity and uniqueness.
  8. Children's Chain Bracelets - these bracelets feature different kinds of links or chains. They are an advantage because they can be adjusted as the child is growing. Chain style bracelets are durable and may be worn for a very long time, and these are also classified as keepsake items.

If you are on a hunt searching for a unique gift, you can never go wrong choosing a bracelet. Children's bracelets are a smart choice to let them feel how special they are to you. Looking for a perfect store to purchase a bracelet? Visit our website by logging in to, and you will correctly find the type of children's bracelet you are looking for.

How to Choose Children’s Bracelets?

  1. If you are thinking about getting a bracelet for your precious child, you may want to keep these few things in your mind before making a move to purchase.
  2. Make it meaningful. When buying a bracelet for a child, remember that jewelry can make them feel older, responsible, and sophisticated, so you need to think of a bracelet they will appreciate. Choose the one that will create a special memory for them because, more likely, and they will end up treasuring the bracelet you give to them.
  3. When choosing a bracelet for your little one, ensure that you make safety a priority. Extra precautions should be considered, and select the metal that will not give them an allergic reaction. Shop for a bracelet made of metals such as silver, gold, or surgical steel to avoid irritating the child's skin.

Making your chosen bracelet sensible and sweet is also another factor to consider. Just like adults, children also need a piece of jewelry that suits and fits their lifestyle. If your little one is always running and playing outside, choosing a reliable bracelet and won't get in the way easily is a must.

When to Wear Children’s Bracelets?

Bracelets for children can be excellent gifts. But it is also essential that you understand a few key things about children’s bracelets before buying one, like when to let them wear one. Children’s bracelets are versatile pieces of jewelry that a child can wear every day, but it is also important to know that wearing bracelets must be supervised most of the time when your child is below three years old. You can let your little one wear your favorite bracelet for her no matter what they are wearing or what the occasion is but remember to remove the bracelet before napping, during bath time, or when playing unattended outside.