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Main Precious Gemstones? Let's Name Them

Gemstones have already evolved over the past few years, molded into different jewelry ensembles, and as we all know, they have already paved their way to be a part of our fashion world. Yes, there seem to be quite many types of gemstones, and ...
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How to Say "I Love You" with Jewelry

The Day of Hearts is right around the corner, and for sure, everyone out there is fiddling for the best Valentine's day gift ideas for the one they love. It seems as though saying "I Love You" does take a lot of effort. If you are on the hunt for ...
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Moissanite, Sapphire, White Topaz: New Alternatives for Diamond

Through the years, when it comes to engagement rings, the top choice always is the diamond ring. It's a trend accepted by many that when it comes to proposal rings, nothing can beat the diamond engagement ring's beauty and sparkle. Besides, diamonds ...
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