Charm Holder

The History of Charm Holders

Charms began as a form of amulet or talisman believed to ward off evil spirits or bad luck. These are often used as personal ornaments on bracelets. During the prehistoric period, charms were made from things seen in the surroundings like shells, bones, and clay. But as time passed, charms were developed and crafted out of gems, rocks, and woods. Ancient civilizations have been using charms since the world began. The first evidence of charms found in Africa was made of shells and believed to be around 75,000 years ago. Carved mammoth tusk charms had been discovered in Germany 30,000 years ago. In ancient Egypt, charms were also made from various things seen in their surroundings, and these were used as symbols of identification, faith, and luck. The use of charms has spread from different eras throughout the world. Charms were worn a thousand years ago not just as decorative ornaments but often symbolized different meanings. With the help of technology, charms were integrated with many things. In fact, they are now used along with other jewelry pieces, which made them popular with the public.

The concept of charm holders is simple. A piece of jewelry hung in a bracelet or necklace chain holds different meaningful designs of charms. There are interchangeable charm holders. In this case, other charms can be attached to it for additional days and occasions. Charm holders and charms are believed to be worn because they serve to defend against evil luck. Charm holders began 3,000 BC, and it was first worn by ancient Egyptians and continued throughout the Roman empire. But the use of charm holders faded as time went by. Later still, charm holders gained popularity again during the advancement of industrialization. Charm holders' full acceptance in the fashion industry happened in the late 20th century as big fashion brands started to craft modern charm holders. The trend of charm enjoys its prolonged period of recognition throughout the world. Having charms on charm holders may be an ancient tradition, but it still tells a timeless story for someone owning it.

Today, wearing a charm holder as a pendant of a necklace is the new trend. It adds a touch of whimsy to anyone's attire. Some may classify real charming badge holders as charm holders. Still, the difference is, real charming badge holders are usually used to hold keys and identification cards. Unlike charm holders, they are holding different charms, or pendants can be considered. Having their favorite charm in a charm holder and showcasing it became everyone's fashion statement nowadays. Some modern kinds of char holders are crafted with an easy-to-use hinged opening that allows the wearer to add and remove charms as often as they like. Although wearing charm holders has changed and the materials and styles for over the centuries, the concept itself has never gone out of style until today. Charm bracelets are a new staple of jewelry that enables the wearer to create a unique fashion statement.

Types of Charm Holding Jewelry

All types of jewelry come in a variety of types and styles. Charm holders also have a vast array of options you can choose from when you decide to buy one. Knowing the different kinds of charm holders is the first thing you need to know before buying your own to be sure of what you are looking for. Mentioned below are some types of charm holders that might help you when looking for one.

  1. Charm Holder Necklace - this type of charm holder allows you to create your charm or pendant. This can also keep with your ever-changing style as it will let you change into different kinds of charms. Like the 14k gold necklace charm holder and the sterling silver necklace charm holder, these can be found in the market right away.
  2. Hammered Circle Charm Holder - this type of charm holder has an arc design that makes an elegant focal point for charms. This is unique among any other charm holders because the charm holder alone can be used as the necklace's pendant.
  3. Changeable Charm Holder - a type of charm holder wherein you can add a charm or two and change it as often as you wish to create a charm necklace that is unique and elegant compared to others.
  4. Loop Charm Holder - a type of charm holder, crafted as a single loop to hold your favorite charm.
  5. Slide Charm Holder - this is a type of charm holder that holds slider charms. Slider charms are those with large holes through the middle of them like beads. The holes of slider charms are big enough to fit the slide charm holder. An example of this holder is an 8mm slide charm holder found throughout the market and any jewelry store.
  6. Animal Charm Holder - from the word it implies, this type of charm holder is designed with adorable features and animal-themed charms that will surely fit your style.
  7. Sterling Silver Charm Holder - this is the type of charm holder that is made from sterling silver. Sterling silver charm holder is an excellent add-on to any of your style.
  8. Hinged Circle Charm Holder - this is a charm holder that is a circle in shape and attached or joined in a hinge. This type of charm contains an easy-to-use, hinged opening that easily adds or removes charms.
  9. Gold Charm Holder - this type of charm holder is made up of gold. Many stores offer different kinds of gold like yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold. You can also choose to have a gold charm holder made of 10k, 14k, or 18k, depending on your preference or choice.
  10. Multiple Charm Holder - this type of charm holder is composed of 2-3 holders in one chain. This is an ideal charm holder for those who opt to display their favorite charms simultaneously.

Now that you know the different types of charm holders, you can now choose the style that suits your taste and personality. Whatever that is, you can have it hassle-free and quickly by visiting our website We provide different variations of charm holders available in our collection. Have your own now, and get ready to pull off that glamorous look. And if you already have the different types of charm holders, you can keep it safe with charm pack holders also available in IceCarats. What are you waiting for? IceCarats can be your best friend when it comes to jewelry choices. Don't hesitate to explore our website and be in awe of our unique products.

How to Choose a Charm Holder?

Choosing the right and perfect jewelry piece for you can sometimes be an exhausting and daunting task. Most especially if you are not familiar with the jewelry you are purchasing or are just new to it and want to have one. But you have no choice because there are always things to consider when you are buying jewelry. If you are going to join the charm holder game, here are some essential things to consider when choosing the perfect one for you.

  1. Choose the texture. You can have a smooth finish charm holder or a hammered one depending on your choice. But if you have sensitive skin and are prone to allergies, it is suitable for you to choose the smooth finish charm holder as it can cause less irritation to your skin.
  2. Choose the size. You read it right! Charm holders come in various sizes too. You can choose to have charms with 6mm holders or 8mm. Choosing the size of your charm holders also depends on the size of your charms. Make sure that the size of your charm complements the size of your charm holder.
  3. Choose the materials. In every journey of choosing the right jewelry, choosing the materials used is always considered one thing to remember. It's also a smart choice to select your charm holder's materials the same as the materials of your charms so that they will match with each other.
  4. Choose according to your needs and style. This is the most important thing to consider because buying a piece of jewelry speaks about your style and personality. So when choosing a charm holder, remember to choose according to your style because that will make you feel comfortable when you are already wearing it.
  5. Choose the proper charm for your charm holder. The ideal concept of charm holders is to hold charm. Remember to choose the appropriate charm you want to pair with your charm holders. Be stylistic in your unique way by selecting the perfect charm for your charm holder.
  6. Choose the one that has meaning to you. When choosing a charm holder, you also need to pick the one with the right meaning to you or a good reason you picked it. Charm holders can also hold a special place in your heart, so you need to choose the one that has personal meaning to you.
  7. Choose a brand. Nowadays, there are different jewelry brands where you can buy exquisite charm holders. To help you narrow down your preferences or choices, this factor is another thing you can consider. Remember to purchase your charm holder in a trusted jewelry store. 

As mentioned above, there are various things to ponder on when you are choosing a charm holder. These might be helpful to you, especially for girls who are new to this type of jewelry. Now that you already have the tips to look for the perfect charm holder, you can visit our website and choose from the selection of charm holders they have. We have a wide list of high-quality and beautiful collections of charm holders. There's no need to look for any other stores because you can have what you want here with us!

When to Wear Jewelry that holds Charms?

Charm holders can be classified as an everyday piece of jewelry depending on the charms you are using, and a charm holder alone can be your daily piece of ornament. If you are wearing a charm on your necklace, pairing it with a charm holder is an excellent idea. Your charm choice depends on the occasion you are attending, but charm holders can be your everyday piece. Choose your charms for formal events like formal dinner, an evening party, and pair them with your charm holder. You can also choose a perfect charm for a casual daily look and pair it with any charm holder. Charm holders can be your everyday to-go piece. It’s how you choose the charm you will pair with the charm holder to make it suitable for any occasion.