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History of Byzantine Chains

From throughout history and up until now, chains have been embellishing our everyday looks. Noted to date back to 2500 BC, chains are credited to Ancient Egyptians as they were the first ones to introduce chains as fashion statements or jewelry. Fast forward to the different eras, chains have been purposely used by many people and have become popular not just in a particular part but in all parts of the world. As time passed, lots of invented chains are made up of different materials and crafted with different designs and styles. Countless types of chains’ designs and one of the popular and well-known types of chains are the Byzantine Chains. Byzantine Link Chain is a tabular collection of links, interlocks, interweaves, and intertwines to display a byzantine chain pattern. This chain design is a thousand years old and determined to be one of the first made chains. Where it originally came from cannot be determined yet, but byzantine chain history dates back to around 300 B.C. These chains appeared like a twisted mess of interwoven wire at first look. When examined carefully, a beautiful pattern is created from the chaos that will capture your attention and interest. Wearing jewelry made up of this chain is like wearing a piece of ancient history. This chain passes through a 2+2+2 pattern. It can also be considered as a byzantine box chain because of links alternate in one direction. Byzantine chains consist of a series of round rings woven together in an intricate pattern and come in small sizes and larger sizes. Small sizes Byzantine chains are very subtle in their textured effect while the larger ones were genuinely dramatic flair.

Byzantine Chains are considered one of the strongest chain styles as they embody open and dense patterns. With a fascinating textural design, this chain is supple and flexible. Byzantine gold chains are common eye-catcher jewelry because of its style and material draping gracefully on your skin. These chains are also known among men. Men’s byzantine chain creates a boldness and masculine look among men of all ages. Another good feature of this chain is that it is versatile enough to carry your pendant or wear it alone. Byzantine jewelry was typically crafted from weighty gold embellished with some amount of gemstones. Garnets, Pearls, and Beryls are some of the common gems used in Byzantine jewelry. Byzantine jewelry during the mid-1400s was traded from Eastern countries, namely India and some parts of Persia. Some types of jewelry that were made during this time became popular: Byzantine Chain necklaces, neckpieces, headpieces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and other types of ornamental jewelry.

Although mentioned that Byzantine origins were not determined, these types of jewelry were also believed to be a continuation of the Roman tradition, which was kept alive behind Constantinople - the new capital. Romans continue to form styles of Byzantine jewelry, and Christians used some of their innovations. Byzantine jewelry had a large influence on the manufacturing of jewelry in the rest of the Medieval period. Byzantine jewelry also played an important role in expressing one’s status. When A.D. Emperor Justinian set up laws regulating the wearing and usage of Byzantine jewelry and the law was called Justinian Code wherein, stones like sapphires, emerald, and pearls are reserved for the emperor to use, and every free man were entitled to wear gold Byzantine ring only.

Nowadays, you can see many Byzantine jewelry out of the market made up of different materials aside from pure gold, such as silver byzantine chains and white gold byzantine chains. You can see both men and women regardless of their status, wearing jewelry made up of Byzantine chains, unlike the one recorded from history that only wealthy people can wear this kind of jewelry. It became a popular part of a fashion statement in these modern times and is still famous not just in a certain country but also in the whole world. Modern design Byzantine chains are remarkable for their intricate designs and are considered a perfect piece for a formal evening event. Breathtaking styles of Byzantine chains circulating in the market today is another way to give yourself a luxurious look. 

Types of Byzantine Chain Jewelry

Byzantine chain is a rope-like type of chain that will help you pull off a remarkable style. An intricate chain closely linked to a sequential chain where links are used in pairs joined vertically and horizontally to create the rope-like look. Elegant designs of this chain date back to the 5th century and has made an unforgettable statement when it comes to fashion. When planning to buy this chain, below are the following types of Byzantine chains you can use as your preference.

  1. Gold Byzantine Chain - a byzantine chain made up of gold material elegant for your everyday look. You can have a 10k gold byzantine chain in a necklace or a 14k gold byzantine chain bracelet or whatever kind of jewelry made of Byzantine you think will suit your sophisticated look. You can also have an 18ct gold byzantine chain if you wish to have one.
  2. Sterling Silver Byzantine Chain - some Byzantine chains may be set in a sterling silver material you will love to have.
  3. Stainless steel Byzantine Chain - if you are after a material that is not made of gold or silver but will still look elegant on your daily wear, having a stainless steel byzantine chain is a smart choice. This is a must-have accessory for both men and women who love to collect pieces of unique jewelry.
  4. Flat Byzantine Chain- a type of Byzantine chain that will surely make an incredibly stylish look for you. Unlike the other Byzantine Chains, this type of Byzantine chain is featured in a stamped flat chain. An excellent example of a worn-alone necklace chain.
  5. Black Byzantine Chain is a type of a classic Byzantine chain with a modern twist in look. Designed with dramatic black color, this will make an ideal gift for the man of your life.
  6. Byzantine Chain with Gemstones - there are some types of Byzantine chains that were designed with different gemstones. If you are after a necklace chain or bracelet with charms made of gems, you can consider having this type of Byzantine chain.

IceCarats has a lot to offer when it comes to jewelry. You can check out our website if you are looking for the perfect Byzantine chain. Here in IceCarats, the master of all classic types of jewelry, we can offer different jewelry made up of Byzantine Chain for men and women.

How to Choose the Perfect Byzantine Chain?

Are you stressed looking for the perfect necklace chain to own? All of a sudden, you thought of having a Byzantine chain? Do you know what makes a Byzantine Chain a great and smart choice of jewelry chain? Check out some helpful tips below to guide you when choosing the perfect and ideal Byzantine chain you want to have.

  1. When buying a Byzantine necklace chain, always consider the length of the chain and your neckline. The most important factor you should always consider when purchasing chains is the length.
  2. The materials used to craft the Byzantine chain you are going to choose also an essential part of selecting the perfect chain for you. Consider the material of the Byzantine chain you are going to choose that will suit your wardrobes.
  3. Always bear in mind that you should not spend too much money on buying jewelry. So when you are purchasing the Byzantine chain, consider the price that you are going to pay. You can have an elegant and sophisticated Byzantine chain by not spending too much money.
  4. Consider the outfit you are wearing when using a Byzantine chain. Your choice of outfit shall complement your jewelry.
  5. The occasion to attend is also another factor to consider. You should not just wear the Byzantine chain any day you want, although it can be a go-to on your daily wear, there’s a specific occasion wherein you can use Byzantine chains.
  6. The clasp of the Byzantine chain you are going to buy is also another thing to consider. Make sure to choose a Byzantine chain that is secured with a nice and proper clasp and sturdy enough to hold your chain. Think about what kind of clasp will provide your chain with excellent security.

Byzantine chains are an excellent choice of jewelry for both men and women, and IceCarats strongly believes that owning a Byzantine chain is a must-have for every man and woman. This delicate and versatile type of chain can pull off a timelessly look that will catch anyone’s attention—a great choice of jewelry that will undoubtedly adorn your looks. Check our website and discover great deals in our Byzantine chains. You can now add another piece of stunning and gorgeous jewelry to your jewelry collection, and IceCarats is always happy to help you with your jewelry hunting journey.

When to Wear a Byzantine Chain?

On every special occasion, we are always spending time looking for a perfect piece of jewelry to match our outfits. Sometimes, it becomes a daunting task to do. But with IceCarats, you can have the perfect jewelry that will suit your style and taste for any special occasion you are attending.
Recruit any outfit to play the role by wearing a classic and modern type of chain. Byzantine chain is one of the most considered chains to wear when a mixing and matching game takes place. An excellent and elegant piece of jewelry that will adorn any of your desired looks. As mentioned, a Byzantine chain can be one of your daily to go jewelry, but you can wear it on a proper occasion or event. Check out the following guidelines below when to wear Byzantine chains.

  1. Evening Parties - be sensational by wearing a byzantine chain at an evening party. An ideal piece of stunning jewelry that will give you a dazzling and glamorous look. This will look perfect on your evening outfits.
  2. Formal Occasion - you can also pair Byzantine chains in any formal event. A necklace or a bracelet made of Byzantine chain can match your formal dress, with its elegant and sophisticated look, it can totally pull off your attire on a formal occasion.
  3. Casual Wear - an excellent finishing touch to your casual look. The Byzantine chain is a versatile piece that will complete your business casual wear, daily casual wear, or even your outfit when going out for a coffee date with your friends. Byzantine chain will totally help you pull off your casual looks.
  4. Day Time Look - embellish your day time look by wearing a Byzantine chain. This chain can be your new best friend that will give you a unique everyday look, among others.
  5. Office Set-up- Byzantine chains are ideal for office wear because it is not too much to wear. It can add a little glam and sophistication to your office look.
  6. Outdoor Activities - Byzantine chain is an ideal piece of jewelry that will spice up your look with any of your outfits for your outdoor activities. There is only some jewelry that can be an excellent choice to wear when doing outdoor activities.

Chains are one of the most must-haves pieces of jewelry that your jewelry box could contain. The style of the chains you are wearing will be your remarkable style that will bring your look to the next level. There are many chains you can choose to have, but Byzantine chains are unique and timelessly elegant that will give you a one-of-a-kind look.
Remember that a cool Byzantine chain can be a glamorous spotlight of any of your outfits. And In case you want a little update to your jewelry, the Byzantine chain is a perfect choice. Here in IceCarats, we’ve rounded up the best collection of Byzantine chains just for you! You can absolutely own a piece of jewelry that will dazzle up your look.


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