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Style Proof that Alessandra Ambrosio is one Glamorous Angel

Even before Cara Delevigne, Kendall Jenner, and Gigi Hadid, top model Alessandra Ambrosio has been a big name for herself when it comes to fashion and style, and jewelry and accessorizing. This Victoria's Secret Angel is often seen strutting the ...
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5 Tips for Shopping in Online Jewelry Stores

When we talk of shopping convenience, we know that we have the internet to thank for. Since its dawn, everything has become relatively more accessible than it once has been. A particular advantage of the internet age is the ease that comes with ...
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Dog Love: Good Food, Great Exercise, Pet Jewelry

Show Love to Your Dogs Through Food, Fun, and Fashion Jewelry Long before dogs are called “Man’s Best Friend”, there were no dogs! There were only wolves, and we could say they are not in the neighborhood of friendship toward humans. But, because ...
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