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History of Birthstone Necklaces

The history of birthstones has a long and fascinating background story. Birthstones are associated with superstitious beliefs passed down from one generation to another throughout the years of their existence. Its biblical history was believed to date back to Aaron's story. He had this breastplate that contained twelve colorful gemstones, each representing the twelve tribes of Israel. As time passed by, many traditions, beliefs, and customs have embraced the idea of using different gemstones. Traditionally speaking, birthstones are associated with each month of the year. Each of the twelve birthstones has a corresponding significance and meaning. During ancient times, people believed that wearing jewelry made from different birthstones brings them good luck and wellness.

Nowadays, there are different types of jewelry made from various gemstones or birthstones. Although these never-ending superstition stories are associated with each type, birthstone jewelry is becoming more famous as time passed by. Birthstone necklaces are among the most commonly used or known types of birthstone jewelry today and are cherished by people. These necklaces are also an ideal gift to a special someone because each stone expresses the wearer's personality. Others may still believe in the different superstitions associated with birthstones, like their healing powers and the like. In today's modern era, they are likely to be used as ornaments or decorations. Whether superstitions about birthstones are true or not, these precious stones used in making jewelry have always brought joy and satisfaction to people who love collecting jewelry and to others who receive them as gifts.

Types of Birthstone Necklaces

Making different gemstones into jewelry pieces is not new in the world of jewelry. Birthstones already existed for more than thousands of years, and today, most people love to express or showcase their birth month by wearing their birthstone in a jewelry piece. Birthstone necklaces are a significant trend to show off your birth month. Below are the different birthstone necklaces that you can choose from:

  1. Standalone Birthstone Pendant Necklace is one of the most classic and famous birthstone necklaces. This type usually comes with a natural kind of single stone embedded in a necklace chain. They are surely ideal for a casual day or a formal event.
  2. Birthstone Bar Necklace - this is an ideal type if you want a personalized birthstone necklace because you can have your name engraved on this necklace's bar.
  3. Infinite Symbol Birthstone Necklace - infinity is a perfect symbol for any birthstone necklaces, especially if you plan to have or give this as a gift. Infinity symbolizes everlasting love and an ideal symbol perfect for your other half. You can also have this necklace personalized by choosing your preferred stone and engraving the name you like.
  4. Heart Birthstone Necklace is the perfect birthstone necklace option if you plan on giving a piece of jewelry to your other half. You can also customize or personalize this necklace by including your special someone's name.
  5. Birthstone Initial Necklace - this is a perfect and striking necklace paired with a beautiful birthstone of your choice. It is usually a chain with initial charms and a hanging birthstone pendant. This undoubtedly makes it unique among other birthstone necklaces.
  6. Flower-shaped Pendant Birthstone Necklace - if you want to add a pop of colors to your entire look, this necklace is the ideal choice. Flower-shaped pendant birthstones can work with multiple stones, not just your birthstone. The stones used in this necklace are shaped into flowers.
  7. Locket Birthstone Necklace - lockets are classic and still consider a lovely necklace choice, especially when embellished with your birthstone. You can also have this type of locket birthstone necklace personalize so that you can have this necklace as a future heirloom.
  8. Birthstone Cross Necklace - if you want to express your faith and be fashionable at the same time, this birthstone cross necklace is the ideal piece for you. Adorning a cross pendant with your birthstone will add a personalized touch to your birthstone necklace's entire look.
  9. Birthstone Necklace for Moms/Mother - being a new mom and want to express the happiness you feel towards your newborn baby, you can choose to have this birthstone necklace. You can also customize this by engraving your baby's name on the pendant.
  10. Name Necklace with Birthstone - if you are still unsure what birthstone necklace to choose, this is a perfect choice. A classic name necklace embedded with a birthstone will bring your entire fashion look to the next level.

How to Choose Birthstone Necklaces?

Because of the vast array of birthstone necklaces available in the market, choosing the perfect one might be overwhelming. This is why you need to have some knowledge about how to select a birthstone necklace correctly. Here's a quick guide that we, IceCarats, have prepared for you to serve as tips.

  1. Knowing your birthstone is always the first step to consider. So if you want your necklace to be embedded with your stone, know what your birthstone is.
  2. Bigger birthstones do not mean that it is better for your necklace. Oversized stones may not be suitable for the occasion or the attire you are wearing, so it is much better to choose smaller ones that bring a more significant impact.
  3. Choosing the length of any necklace is your personal choice, and it is essential to consider this factor. Choose the size of the birthstone necklace that suits your taste and lifestyle as well.
  4. Some birthstones are considered precious stones, so setting up a budget is also important when buying a birthstone necklace. Some types of cheap birthstone necklaces are available, but when choosing to purchase these types, make sure they are also quality.
  5. Buying from a reputable store and checking the birthstone necklace's quality will help you pick the perfect one. It is a significant advantage if you are buying from a reputable store because you are confident enough to purchase a top-quality piece of birthstone necklace.
  6. The style and setting of the stone in your chosen necklace are also a factor to consider. Remember to select the type or style of the birthstone necklace you are comfortable with and showcase your style and personality.

IceCarats have a wide range of birthstone necklaces you can choose from. Whether you are buying for yourself or your special someone, count on what IceCarats can offer when it comes to birthstone necklaces. Log in to our website,, and check out the intricately crafted birthstone necklaces that we can offer!

When to Wear Birthstone Necklaces?

When speaking about any birthstone jewelry, they are ideal pieces for everyday wear. Birthstone necklaces can be your daily go-to jewelry that can accentuate any of your desired looks. But if you want to look best with your birthstone necklace, mixing and matching games will help you look fashionable and prominent.