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Celebrities with their Stunning Gemstone Jewelry

Have you noticed something at the end of last year? A piece of jewelry may be that has caught your attention? Well, if you're thinking what I'm thinking, then, Yes! Bingo! Gemstones and Diamond Jewelry! And as we're already nearing the end of this ...
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Favorite Jewelry Designers of Celebrities in Hollywood

When it comes to celebrity fashion, jewelry will never be the last thing in mind. With so many jewelers vying for Hollywood stars, certain names don't need a special announcement. When it comes to celebrity red carpet jewelry, these popular jewelers ...
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Do's and Dont's of Wearing Summer Jewelry

There's no denying about it; the beach season is about to head to us, and we should get ready for it. Without a doubt, summertime is the perfect time to flaunt our beach fashion and jewelry. With the right amount of summer jewelry and fashion, you ...
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