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Top 5 Most Popular Teacher Jewelry

Have you ever thought about what to give your teacher on World Teacher's Day this October 5th?What a thoughtful, creative question! The best gift for teachers is time. They work tirelessly to ensure all their students are successful, and it can be ...
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How Are Pearls Formed? The Story of Our Favorite Accessory

Who isn't addicted to pearls? Throughout the years, pearl jewelry has dominated the jewelry market. I could not see the jewelry box of everyone, but I am pretty confident to say that all of us, at some point in our lives, owned a couple of pearl ...
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6 Hottest Jewelry Trends of the 90s that Are Totally Back!

Just when you thought that the jewelry trends of the '90s would only be remembered in history classes and throwback pictures from Instagram, they made a major comeback. It turns out that 90's jewelry trends are not something we can take for granted; ...
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