Beach Wedding Jewelry for Bride

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All Kinds of Wedding Ring Finishes

Are wedding rings created equal? The answer is a big NO. Even though the wedding bands you see look the same, there will always be a difference between wedding rings. One wide variety of these bands is the end polish. The finishes of these wedding ...
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Fashion and Jewelry Ideas for Your Maternity Shoot

One of the hottest pregnancy trends lately involves a lot of beautiful pregnancy fashion and equally attractive moms-to-be. The new trend is called "pregnancy photoshoot" where expectant moms rock their pregnancy style in honor of the baby that they ...
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10 of the Most Expensive Jewelry of all Time

It is like a tale as old as time; no look is ever complete without the help of sparkly jewelry. Sure, you can look just as amazing without trinkets on, but it is undeniable that a diamond stud earring or a glitzy cuff bracelet can make you look like ...
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