August Birthstone Peridot

History of August Birthstone Peridot

Peridot is believed to have been mined as early as 1500 B.C and came from the Greek word "peridona", which means “giving plenty”. There are lots of mythical history and ancient records that speak about this fascinating birthstone. In ancient Hawaiian mythology, peridot stones are believed to be tears of the Goddess of Volcano known as Pele. While in Ancient Greeks and Romans, they used to wear Peridot stone August birthstone rings and pendants believing it bestowed nobility. On the other hand, Ancient Egyptian myth tells us that if you wear peridot gemstone, it gives you the power to ward off nightmares and other forms of evils. Whatever these magical history and myths want to imply, it only means one thing - peridot has come to symbolize strength.

August’s primary birthstone is peridot, a light lime to a deep olive-green gemstone that symbolizes good fortune. Peridot August Birthstone's meaning depends on how someone would foresee it. Many gemstones can get their range of colors from trace impurities outside elements, but not peridot. Its’ color comes from Iron found in olivine, and these subtle shades can stroll between yellow-green to brownish-green. In today’s modern time, peridot, or sometimes referred to as “evening emerald,” became part of the jewelry world. It became a fantastic gift idea for August-born ladies. The quality of this gemstone is measured using the usual 4C’s of a gem. If you want to adorn a special lady in your life born in August, IceCarats will not fail to help you out in looking for the perfect Peridot jewelry.

Types of August Birthstone Peridot

Peridot is both a day stone and a night stone, which is why it is called evening emerald. It keeps showing its bright color even under artificial light. These stones are also known as a stone of compassion, a stone that calms anger by giving renewal to all things. Below are the two types of Peridot Birthstone that can be used as a reference when buying one.

  1. Fayalite Peridot Stone- this kind of peridot stone is an iron-dominant stone.
  2. Forsterite Peridot Stone- this kind of peridot is a magnesium-dominant stone.

These two major types of Peridot stone can adorn any of your daily wear. Aside from these two types, Peridot stones can also be classified according to their sizes or weight from being the lightest to the heaviest. Classic and sparkling Peridot August Birthstones are available in IceCarats, meaning, you can now own any jewelry designed with Peridot gem. IceCarats can help you also have the ideal and perfect gift for August-born ladies because we have a wide range of Peridot jewelry collections to offer you.

How to Choose Peridot Birthstone?

As with all other gemstones, when buying a fine, Peridot jewelry requires some experience and expertise. If you consider purchasing a Peridot Jewelry for your loved one or for a special someone born in August, consider the following guides below to have the perfect Peridot jewelry. This list of buying guides will help you get the most beautiful piece of Peridot jewelry.

  1. The color of the Peridot stone is important. When you are buying peridot jewelry, it should not have any overtones, so select a gemstone with an equally distributed color and with no brown-green tones.
  2. Always ask the question, “How many Carats is the Peridot I’m about to buy?” This factor is easy to understand, the bigger the carats your Peridot has, the more valuable it will be (and expensive!)
  3. You should also consider the country where your Peridot jewelry comes from. However, if you are on the market to buy a Peridot gemstone of the finest quality, you should instead look at the gems coming from IceCarats.
  4. Consider the factor of how light affects your Peridot jewelry. Green Peridot is not as light-dependent as the blue or red gemstones. They tend to stay the same under all lights, whether it be sunlight or artificial light, which is very unusual among gems.
  5. The cuts and shapes of the peridot jewelry you are purchasing should also be considered. Avoid poorly shaped native cut Peridots and go for cuts with fine proportions instead.
  6. Before buying a Peridot jewelry, it is important to know how to take care of the gemstone. Since this kind of gemstone is a soft one, make sure you handle it with care. Cleaning Peridot birthstone jewelry is quite easy because you only have to clean it once every six months.

If you want to buy Peridot jewelry, browse through the collections of IceCarats and find the top quality Peridot Birthstones jewelry. If you are looking for an ideal gift for someone born in August, IceCarats is here to help you achieve the perfect gift for them.

When to Wear?

Before you decide to go off wearing your Peridot jewelry every day, here are some of the best moments when to wear it fashionably.

  1. Outdoor Parties - it is best worn during this time because you can show it off to other people, and the color of the stone will shine well under the sun most, especially when you are attending a garden party.
  2. During Summer- the best time to wear peridot birthstone jewelry is when you are outside, in the shining sun, under the beautiful greenish glare of trees, in other words - summer.

Peridot Birthstones are specially made for August-born individuals. These birthstones are also believed to attract love, and wearing it on a day out won’t hurt you. Own a piece of Peridot jewelry now by visiting the website of IceCarats. Great deals await you there!