April Birthstone Diamond

Diamond is the birthstone for the month of April. As we all know, diamonds are the most prized gemstones of all birthstones. It is surely a girl’s or even a boy’s best friend. Diamond is the hardest gemstone and is only made of one element which is carbon. These birthstones symbolize romance and courage. It was also once thought to serve as protection against poison. Wearing a diamond protects you from negative energies and brings inner peace. Also symbolizes everlasting love.

History of April Birthstone

Did you know that April was not proclaimed as the 4th month? Yes, in the first Roman calendar, the month of April was the 2nd month of the year. It became the 4th month on the Gregorian calendar because January and February were added during 700 BC. Before, April had only 29 days but later on became 30 days when Julius Caesar reformed the calendar. It is believed that the month of April came from the Latin word “aperit,” which means “to open,” and this describes the opening season of the trees and flowers, and this is happening during springtime. Greeks believed that the name April also came from the Goddess Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love. Besides being associated with spring, April also has a corresponding flower, namely sweet pea and daisy.

Along with the other months, April also has a birthstone, and this is considered the most precious type of gemstone, the diamond. April birthstone is one of the most sought after stones among many birthstones. Those born during April are considered lucky enough to be the birthstone for April because this symbolizes strength and clarity. Birthstone April or Diamond came from the Greek word “adamas,” which means “invincible” or “unbreakable.” The love for the April birthstone started in India, where diamonds were abundant in its rivers and streams. April birthstone colors come in different shades like green, blue, pink, red, and yellow. Sometimes they can also come in transparent, black, or white color. Ancient people believed that diamond symbolizes love, purity, innocence, honesty, loyalty, and faith. It is also believed to bestow peace and fulfilling relationships and bring protection, peace, and happiness to any April birthstone jewelry wearer.

Types of Birthstone for April

One common question that is accurately asked by people born in April is the different types of April birthstones or diamonds when choosing a piece of jewelry to buy. Here are the following types of April birthstone or diamonds that you can choose from:

  1. White Diamond - this type of April birthstone is the most common type of diamond, often given as wedding or engagement jewelry. This type of diamond is found all over the world with different cuts and shapes available.
  2. Blue Diamond - this type of diamond is a costly one. This is very rare to find, but this type of April birthstone is now widely available in different shades with the technology nowadays.
  3. Pink Diamond - this type of April birthstone is an attractive champagne diamond that tends to have a secondary pink color; that’s why it is also called a pink champagne diamond.
  4. Yellow Diamond - this type of diamond is also called a canary diamond because its color ranges from canary to light yellow.
  5. Orange Diamond - this type of April birthstone is energetic and vibrant because of its color. This type of diamond is often believed to bring success and represent creativity. Orange diamond’s color usually varies from fancy orange to vivid orange.
  6. Synthetic Diamond - this is the type of diamond that is lab-created and human-made. This is not considered as rare and valuable as real diamonds but still expensive.

How to Choose April Birthstone Jewelry?

Choosing the best dazzling and perfect diamond to show your love to someone special is a perfect expression of how much they mean to your life. This guide will help you find the ideal diamond jewelry that will give you or your loved ones timeless symbols of love and affection.

  1. Keeping in your mind and knowing under your belt about the diamond's 4C's will help you pick the perfect diamond jewelry. The 4C's are known as Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. These are essential elements you need to consider first when choosing a piece of diamond jewelry.
  2. Knowing the diamond jewelry's anatomy or the features you want to look for when shopping for one will help you make the right choice. All diamonds showcase unique cuts and angles, and getting to know each part of it will help you purchase the perfect stone.
  3. After learning the different fundamentals about diamond jewelry or April birthstone jewelry, you also need to understand some unfamiliar terms related to diamond jewelry to help you know the specific qualities you are looking for.
  4. The diamond's shape on the jewelry is a crucial element that will affect the stone's sparkle. There are plenty of unique cuts or shapes of diamond so when buying one, choose the one that can be breathtaking.

Now that you have all the ideas and insights about the diamond birthstone, this will undoubtedly serve as a key to be smarter and wiser when shopping for diamond jewelry. After knowing all the diamonds, you will now have a greater appreciation for this most durable valuable gemstone. Whatever the stone's size is, whether it is colored or colorless, Diamond birthstone is still a captivating stone that embodies the month of April. Diamond, being one of the toughest types of gemstones, is made out of carbon. If you are thinking about buying or acquiring a diamond, whether for yourself or a special someone, it is a smart choice to visit our website IceCarats.com. With us, you will find the perfect diamond pieces that you'll love! April birthstone will remain as the most glorious type of gemstone, and for that, Diamonds are certainly forever!

When to Wear April Birthstones?

Like any other type of birthstone jewelry, the birthstone for April, diamond, is a versatile piece of jewelry. So whether you are wearing a formal outfit or casual wear, you can pull off any look you want with a piece of diamond jewelry. Diamond jewelry is undoubtedly a smart choice when attending an evening event because its brilliance resonates more than any other precious stones. Plus, it will surely help you stand out too! Are you worrying about when to wear your diamond jewelry? Don't fret! You now have the freedom to wear your gorgeous jewelry any time and whatever outfits you may! Even if you are not born in April, you can still own a piece of April birthstone jewelry to add to your collection.