Anniversary Gifts for Him Jewelry

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Dinner Date Jewelry Inspired by Famous Hollywood Couples!

Another "year of love" for Hollywood stars. Though some love stories did not pursue, romance has brewed up among these Hollywood couples, and boy, are they heating the dating department. In the land of fame excess, where beauty can sometimes come as ...
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Men's Fashion Jewelry Trends

Back in the days when jewelry was only made out of bone, teeth, and animals, men were already flaunting their styles. Or should I say their rank/status? However, whenever we talk about jewelry now, the first thing that comes to our minds is “Women.” ...
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The Diary of the Diamond Stud Earring

Sometimes, our fashion looks just don't get the right effect without some of our dazzling jewelry pieces. Having a fine amount of sparkle and shine can transform a simple outfit into a most beautiful one. I cannot leave the house without some of my ...
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