Ankle Bracelets

Ankle Bracelets

History of Ankle Bracelets

The meaning of ankle bracelets is defined as kinds of ornaments or jewelry worn around the ankle. They have been worn for more than 8,000 years, mostly by women in South East Asia. The history of wearing different types of ankle bracelets was believed to originate from Egyptians. Egyptians, especially women, wore these as their everyday jewelry pieces regardless of their social status or class. They wore different ankle bracelets during the predynastic times, but the most famous were gold ankle bracelets worn by female Egyptians who belonged to wealthy families.

On the other hand, inexpensive ankle bracelets were worn by those who belonged to the lower social classes or ordinary people. Egyptian women seen wearing ankle bracelets were considered immodest because of their Islamic culture. That is why ankle bracelets also became a piece of ornaments for dancers during ancient times. As time passed, many ankle bracelets made from different materials for men and women were created. The popularity of men’s ankle bracelets and ankle bracelets for women spread throughout India and America.

In today's modern society, ankle bracelets are considered upgraded jewelry pieces because they are usually made up of different materials such as gold, silver, and other less precious materials like nylon, leather, and others. Due to the gradual changes technology has brought, these bracelets became very modern and fashionable. Ankle bracelets for women have become a great compliment on a pair of high heels. People wear different ankle bracelets for other purposes or reasons. It may be historical or cultural, but most of them were worn to elevate someone's fashion style or statement. Some believed that wearing ankle bracelets are for those married women only. But whatever reasons why almost everyone wears them, it is undeniable that they have become a part of the daily ornaments nowadays. These bracelets have drawn inspiration from all over the world and became jewelry staples that everyone desires to have. Their versatility is regarded pretty much the same as other types of fashionable bracelets. Whether your ankle bracelet is made of gold or silver and embedded with some precious gemstones, these make excellent pieces that will give you a fun and gorgeous accessory.

Types of Ankle Bracelets

Ankle bracelets, also known as ankle chains or anklets, have always been famous since then. For most wearers of ankle bracelets, they considered these unique accessories. As with any other types of bracelets, anklets also vary dramatically in style, designs, and types. They are accessories that apply to a broad range of ages. There are thousands of anklet bracelets embellishing the marketplace, and here are a few ones you can choose from.

  1. Beaded Ankle Bracelets - these ankle bracelets are often the most colorful types you can find. The beading in beaded ankle bracelets can vary slightly, but these anklets are ideal for arts and crafts. Beaded ankle bracelets are also the easiest types of ankle bracelets to make yourself.
  2. Simple Metal Ankle Bracelets are ankle bracelets that appear very simple because they are made out of different materials. Without any embellishments and designs, simple metal ankle bracelets may be made from sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and also in nickel and brass. Simple does not mean boring, because, with these anklets, you can be more.
  3. Diamond Ankle Bracelets - these ankle bracelets are ideal for someone who loves to have diamonds dancing along the surface of their ankles. Diamond anklet bracelets are quite expensive compared to others considering that they are embellished with precious diamond stones.
  4. Gemstone Ankle Bracelets - these ankle bracelets are also known as birthstone ankle bracelets. They are embellished with different gemstones and sometimes are also available in crystal or cubic zirconia stones. These anklets are ideal for casual wear if a person does not want to commit the price of a diamond ankle bracelet.
  5. Ankle Charm Bracelets - these ankle bracelets are not typically the same or as noisy as other charm bracelets because they contain only one to two charms. Although the wearer can add more charms to it, this typical type only has a few charms. Ankle charm bracelets are not noisy and distracting but considered attention-grabbing pieces of jewelry.
  6. Shell Ankle Bracelet or Beach Anklets - these ankle bracelets are ideal for someone who loves carefree fashion and the beach. Beach ankle bracelets are made of small shells threaded together. These can be worn elsewhere, not only at the beach. Just ensure you are wearing casual attire.
  7. Chain Ankle Bracelets - these ankle bracelets are simple, versatile, and can be worn in casual and more festive ones. Chain ankle bracelets may come in a single-layer or multiple chains. They can have pendants or beads for more exciting details, but most chain ankle bracelets are just plains.
  8. Layered Ankle Bracelets - these ankle bracelets are the most trendy types nowadays. Many fashion enthusiasts around the world wear layered ankle bracelets.

Whatever type of ankle bracelet you choose to have, you can find the perfect one that will suit or fits your personality and fashion. For more varieties, visit our ankle bracelets collection by logging in to

How to Choose Ankle Bracelets?

With all the things upgrading in fashion, trends come and go, some might be wondering if ankle bracelets are still in. It might be hard to know what type is in and what's not. But don't worry because IceCarats is here to help you choose the perfect trendy ankle bracelets.

  1. When purchasing an ankle bracelet, choose the type of metal-based depending on how often you will use your ankle bracelet. If you want to wear it daily, choose a versatile type like gold or silver. If you want to use it occasionally, go to any fancy metal.
  2. Keeping your attention on your foot will help you choose the perfect ankle bracelet. Do not go for shoe wear that will cover your ankle bracelet. Wear simple sandals or heels that are not covering your ankle so you can wear them perfectly.
  3. Choose the design that you want. But remember to select the one that can be cleaned easily so that you can maintain its beauty.
  4. The last but not least factor to consider is the size of the ankle bracelet. Decide whether you want it to hang loosely or tightly on your ankle. The best way to determine or measure an ankle bracelet's right size is to measure your ankle and then add from 0.5 to 1 inch to your ankle's original size.

These are some of the many tips when choosing the right ankle bracelet. Always remember to buy the one you desire and to try it first before buying it. Whatever type of ankle bracelet it may be, it's always your confidence that will level up your fashion style. Visit our website, and discover a lot of things about ankle bracelets.

When to Wear Ankle Bracelets?

When you are in doubt and questioning yourself when you can perfectly wear your ankle bracelets, the answer is, you can wear them whenever and wherever. But it would be best to be cautious enough when choosing the style depending on the occasion and your outfit. If the attending event is festive and requires you to wear a dress and heels, sparkling ankle bracelets are ideal for wearing. If wearing casual attire, a simple chain ankle bracelet will complement your look. But yet again, if the combination of your chosen ankle bracelet and your attire look good, nobody can ever stop you from wearing them. Just always bear in mind that confidence is the key!

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