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Jewelry Talk: All About the Anklet Jewelry

They go by different names: anklet, ankle bracelet, ankle chains, and ankle strings. They are known to be artsy jewelry pieces, one you would look for if you are giving the nod to boho and vintage fashion. They come as gold anklets, ankle chains ...
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How to Buy Quality Gold Jewelry Online: Pro Tips & Red Flags

"Not all is gold, that glitters", said Shakespeare, and I agree after spending 2 hours getting to the bottom of how to buy gold jewelry. I didn’t realize there were so many aspects to gold jewelry buying before I needed to buy a gold bracelet for my ...
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Sapphire and other September Birthstones

According to psychologists, traits of people born in September include being adventurous, always driven by energy, incredibly romantic and passionate, and seeking perfection in all things. Does that sound familiar to you? Does that delight you? If ...
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