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Popular Bead Types for Jewelry Making

When it comes to jewelry making, beads take center stage. Beads take different forms, shapes, and sizes. People love making bead jewelry because of the different types of beads they can use to create their masterpiece. If you're looking forward to ...
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13 Met Gala Best Dressed Stars

The MET Gala has just concluded, and we have once again seen stunning stars in the MET Gala best-dressed list. All these celebrities pulled off all the stops to showcase their best MET Gala fashion and style. Stars like Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, ...
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July Birthstone: Ruby's History, Meanings and Uses

Red, fiery, and definitely beautiful. These are just mesmerizing words that can perfectly describe the luscious red gem called the Ruby. For those who are born in the 7th month of the year, Ruby is July's birthstone. This fiery red beauty has lore, ...
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