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Is Diamond Too Expensive? Let's Check a Cheaper Option!

What sets foot in your mind every time you hear the word "Diamond"? Brilliant? Mesmerizing? Always used for Engagements or Wedding Rings? Hmm, what else? These are just some of the contenders when it comes to weighing opinions about it. Diamonds. ...
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AMA Red Carpet Fashion and Jewelry

If you love looking at red carpet appearances of your favorite actors and actresses for fashion inspiration, then be thrilled! We know that, previously, stars from all industry departments gathered at the Microsoft Theater in Downtown Los Angeles to ...
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Fashion Inspiration and Jewelry Choices for Above Forty Women

"Nothing makes a woman look old than by trying to look young." Embracing age has become the new trend lately, and most of our beloved ladies in their forties have accepted age wholeheartedly and beautifully. Fashion for older women has become a hit, ...
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