6 Inch Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet

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Jewelry Talk: All About the Anklet Jewelry

They go by different names: anklet, ankle bracelet, ankle chains, and ankle strings. They are known to be artsy jewelry pieces, one you would look for if you are giving the nod to boho and vintage fashion. They come as gold anklets, ankle chains ...
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June Birthstone Jewelry

Officially, there are three birthstones for June, namely pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone. Each of the June birthstones has history, facts, meaning, and uses. Find out what you need to know about June gemstones here in this special blog dedicated ...
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What Jewelry Would Disney Princesses Wear?

We all have to admit it; despite all the red carpet appearances we have already seen, no one can ever beat the charm and beauty of our dear Disney princesses. Even though we are no longer kids, and we are way beyond the fairy tale addicted age, we ...
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