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11 Most Fashionable Couples in Hollywood

Hollywood is a place known for its beautiful faces and fashionable actors and actresses. In a sea of glamorous Hollywood men and women, it seems so hard to point out who is the fairest of them. Fortunately, though, there are a few standouts in the ...
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Necklaces, Earrings and Other Mother's Day Jewelry Gifts

Mother's day is here, and we just can't help but wonder what Mother's day gift we can give to the most important woman in our lives. Of course, our mothers deserve the best. With all the choices from Mother's day gift search on Etsy, to Mother's day ...
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Traveling with Jewelry? Here are Tips to Remember

Traveling with style is the new trend today. Gone were the days of small backpacks and lousy shorts; now, traveling has taken a whole new level. Some travel bloggers prefer to travel light, which means they only carry the most important things they ...
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