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Creative Ways to Gift a Jewelry

Hey! Yes, you! You've probably found the perfect gift for someone and maybe, can't wait to give it. But before handing over your new treasure, think about how best to present it properly to show them just what they mean on more than one level - ...
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Interesting Facts About Emeralds That Will Make You Love Them More

One of the popular gemstones today is the emerald. In fact, this precious green stone belongs to the four most valuable gemstones, together with diamond, ruby, and sapphire. Emeralds hold such a striking color that makes people drawn to them. From ...
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Jewelry Talk: All About the Anklet Jewelry

They go by different names: anklet, ankle bracelet, ankle chains, and ankle strings. They are known to be artsy jewelry pieces, one you would look for if you are giving the nod to boho and vintage fashion. They come as gold anklets, ankle chains ...
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