16 inch Chains

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16 inch Chains

Did you know that 16-inch chains are often referred to as “sweetheart” chains? That’s because, historically speaking, this length of chain was first used to make necklace pendants. The character sweetheart is found in the word “sweetheart’s” or “sweetheart’s necklace. Whether your tastes run to something vintage-inspired, like an antiqued finish with scrollwork accents, or contemporary and sleek (like a super shiny nickel finish), we have what you need to complete your collection!

16 inch Chains

This is a perfect accessory for any jewelry collection. It offers the convenience of a long chain without sacrificing the beauty of fine jewelry. It’s easy to add and remove as needed, so it can be worn with any type of jewelry. It also looks great in its own right, making it a worthwhile addition to anyone’s jewelry collection. Add one or several chains to your outfit whenever you’re wearing a necklace or bracelet that already has one or several chains attached to it. It’s also great for layering with necklaces, bracelets, and other types of jewelry. If you have an extra-long necklace or a choker-style necklace and want to wear one or more chains with it, then you need this kind of jewelry!
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