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Popular Mother's Day Jewelry Pieces that Will Never Go Out of Style

It is said that being a mother is among the hardest jobs in the world. What better way to show your mother (or aunts, grandmothers, or even a good friend), how much you care than by giving her an amazing gift and tell her what a great job she’s ...
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Is Your Gold Real? Here are 6 Ways to Tell

Gold bangles, gold hoop earrings, gold chain necklaces. These gold treasures are so in demand that it seems as though fashion isn't complete without them. In some sense, that's true. Gold jewelry has become such a fashion staple that it can almost ...
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April Birthstone: All About the Famous Gemstone the Diamond

Every birthstone is special; there's no denying about that. But what honor and privilege would it be to have a diamond for your birthstone? Whenever someone asks you what the birthstone for April is, don't you go all proud when you say diamond? ...
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