14k Gold Cultured Freshwater Pearl Earrings

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Level up your Jewelry Game!

Looking for jewelry tips? Are you sick of the same old bling? Do people roll their eyes when they see your Jewelry? (If so, you are not alone. I’ve had a few friends like this in my life.) Jewelry is one of the most booming markets and an integral ...
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13 Cute Jewelry for Mother and Daughter

The love between a mother and a daughter is one that cannot easily be described by words. Theirs is a relationship that can be special, fun, and super fashionable. If you are a proud mother of the sweetest daughter in the world, you would surely ...
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13 Jewelry Gifts for Dad on Father's Day

Father's day, a day specially dedicated to the men of our lives, whether they be our biological fathers, our kind stepfathers, husbands who are amazing dads, and father figures who selflessly assumed the roles of a father. This special day for them ...
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