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Let Love Rule this Valentine's Day

Love, love, love. Did you know that the first Valentine’s day was celebrated in the year 496? Yes! It was originally celebrated during the Roman festival, which paved its way to its spring season's official start. As you can imagine, it started so ...
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15 Things Your Engagement Ring Tells About You

Engagement rings have become a popular fix in the language of courtship and marriage. A sparkly stunner in a bride-to-be's finger has become a necessity. However, engagement rings aren't just glittering decorations or a flashy declaration of love. ...
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How Are Pearls Formed? The Story of Our Favorite Accessory

Who isn't addicted to pearls? Throughout the years, pearl jewelry has dominated the jewelry market. I could not see the jewelry box of everyone, but I am pretty confident to say that all of us, at some point in our lives, owned a couple of pearl ...
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