14k Gold Bracelet With Charms

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Funeral Fashion: What To wear From Dress, Shoes, and Jewelry

Funerals are not the cheeriest venue to showcase your fashion. However, there are inevitable moments where you need to attend one. What kind of shoes do you need to wear to the event? What kind of dress would work perfectly for you and the occasion? ...
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Wedding Jewelry Gifts from Bride to Groom and Vice Versa

Weddings have traditions to uphold. For some brides and grooms, their wedding traditions involve not seeing each other a day before the wedding. For some, a couple of prayer before the ceremony is necessary. One of the long-standing wedding ...
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Different Diamond Colors and Their Meaning

If I ask you right now to think of the most special jewelry you can ever think of, I am betting your thoughts will eventually lead you to Diamond's land. Perhaps you have in your mind a clear diamond ring, all clear and with no color and beautiful ...
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