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Jasper Jewelry: Nature's Gift to Fashion

If you've always found a fascination with nature-inspired jewelry, you will surely fall in love with jasper gemstones. The luscious, fiery color of the jasper stone reminds me of fire and the earth's passionate beauty. When it comes to jewelry style ...
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15 Most Famous Jewelry Designers of Today

The jewelry world is a tough competition ground because of many jewelry designers vying for customer's attention. The jewelry should be classy, high quality, and carries a great design to be considered by many. However, there are jewelry styles ...
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13 Jewelry and Fashion Myths Debunked

Should you not wear white after labor day? Is the diamond the hardest stone in the world? Is black such a boring outfit if you want to make a statement? There are quite various fashion and jewelry myths that surround us that they have become part of ...
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