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Jewelry Inspiration: Lucy Hale Style

We all know her as Aria Montgomery from the hit series "Pretty Little Liars," but she's not just one of those pretty faces in a tv show. She's also one of the most beautiful style icons in the young Hollywood scene. This is Lucy Hale, and can we ...
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The Latest Most Popular Jewelry Trend on Pendants

What is a necklace without a pendant? A boring string with no companion. A string without its pearls. A book without its main characters. You get the picture. Through the years of fashion history, it seems to have been universally accepted that one ...
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January Birthstones Meaning and Uses

What is so special about birthstones, and why are people very eager to know the birthstone that represents them? I know several who make sure they stick to their birthstones every time they look for jewelry. I asked some of them why and they gave me ...
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