10k Gold Hoop Earring Set

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Creative Ways to Gift a Jewelry

Hey! Yes, you! You've probably found the perfect gift for someone and maybe, can't wait to give it. But before handing over your new treasure, think about how best to present it properly to show them just what they mean on more than one level - ...
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Jewelry Inspiration: Lucy Hale Style

We all know her as Aria Montgomery from the hit series "Pretty Little Liars," but she's not just one of those pretty faces in a tv show. She's also one of the most beautiful style icons in the young Hollywood scene. This is Lucy Hale, and can we ...
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Copper Jewelry: Tips on Care and Cleaning

Although we may have a couple of expensive jewelry in our box of collections, it is hard to say that we don't own a couple of some fake, fancy jewelry, too. Unlike expensive jewelry pieces, these not-so-authentic trinkets need more maintenance than ...
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