10k Gold Chain Figaro

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Famous Necklace Chains & How to Flaunt Them

Necklaces are a crucial part of any outfit, and buyers should consider more than just the piece’s aesthetic when making their choice. It's easy to be distracted by colors or pendants as you shop for neck chains- so don't forget about length! The ...
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Jewelry Pieces for the Mermaid in You

A mermaid is one of the most beautiful mystical creatures, full of mystery and allure. That is probably one of the reasons why mermaid fashion is so in style nowadays. Everyone who is a free spirit would love to claim that their fashion is the ...
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13 Jewelry and Fashion Myths Debunked

Should you not wear white after labor day? Is the diamond the hardest stone in the world? Is black such a boring outfit if you want to make a statement? There are quite various fashion and jewelry myths that surround us that they have become part of ...
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