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Most Common Jewelry Alloys

Long ago, most of the jewelry pieces created were made of pure metal. Due to this fact, the price of most of the trinkets was high. Fortunately, as time went by, a process was discovered that led to creating more affordable jewelry pieces: alloying ...
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Top 10 Most Expensive Pearls in the World

Who doesn't love pearls? If diamonds are considered a girl's best friend, the pearls are a girl's rescue buddy. When push comes to a shove, just put on your pearls, and you immediately become fashion ready. Throughout history, pearls have been ...
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The Latest Most Popular Jewelry Trend on Pendants

What is a necklace without a pendant? A boring string with no companion. A string without its pearls. A book without its main characters. You get the picture. Through the years of fashion history, it seems to have been universally accepted that one ...
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