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Workplace Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility

Workplace Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility

What is World Day for Safety and Health at work, and why was it even implemented in the first place? Got any ideas? Well, let me tell you this. Way back in 2003, the International Labour Organization (ILO) initiated the observance of World Day for Safety and Health at work to manage and, as much as possible, prevent accidents or diseases at work. They are devoted to advancing opportunities to acquire a satisfactory and productive workplace. Their main goal is to obtain freedom, security, and human dignity to promote employees’ rights at work and strengthen their social protection.

In the midst of whatever’s happening in the world right now, the COVID-19 cases, we should always consider the safety and wellness of everyone. May it be people that work at the office or even just at home. Imagine the fact that numerous workers die from work accidents or even sickness that was acquired from the workplace every day. It has been even estimated that more than 4 million workers die every year from injuries and diseases. And with this being said, these obtained diseases can undoubtedly cause absenteeism from work, can be for a few days or to some, maybe for an extended period.

We live in a world that is becoming increasingly and disturbingly dangerous and unhealthy. May it be the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, or the people around us, something or someone is always trying to harm us in some way. The challenge of staying healthy and safe is a problem that affects everyone. Being healthy is vital, and no one can argue that.

Do you have any idea that today is World Day for Safety and Health at Work? Yes, it is! Every 28th of April every year, people pause to reflect on how safety in the workplace can be improved worldwide. World Day for Safety and Health at Work is an excellent opportunity to review the business’s health and safety policy and investigate ways to improve processes to reduce the risks towards employees. This day aims to draw attention to occupational safety and health by encouraging everyone to take responsibility for their wellness and their colleagues, friends, and family. This also raises awareness of the importance of working safely in today’s world and aims to spread knowledge about occupational safety and health to help prevent work-related injuries, diseases, and other hazards. Not to mention, since 1996, April 28th is also declared as the International Commemoration Day for Dead and Injured Workers sorted by the trade union movement.

Occupational health and safety management (OH&S) is a shared responsibility involving all parties involved in the workplace. Employers are required to carry out workplace hazard assessments as one way of managing this responsibility. All parties must gain an understanding of OH&S and its importance, and that includes the management. Through effective OH&S management, all workers involved in workplace activities will have a better work environment. This will make them more productive in their specific tasks and increase worker safety as well.

When it comes to the people of the society, community leaders and organizations' spokespersons often conduct programs to promote this special day by voicing out the issues or standards of a healthy and safe workplace. Even the media tends to advocate for the day’s event through news headlines, articles, and air educational programs. What is more surprising is that there are many workplaces worldwide that manifest various activities about health and safety in the workplace every April 28th each year. Fascinating, right?

Nevertheless, when it comes to thinking about employees' safety, we must not presume that everything is only about physical health. Sometimes, it is vital to keep in mind that we must also consider psychological and mental health. Under the World Health Safety laws, one must eliminate or minimize this risk by ensuring that things have been adequately tackled and explained to avoid future conflicts. Remember, it’s usually mental health that’s more important for everyone to focus on what they’re doing fully.

So again, safety at work is indeed a significant issue. The problem arises when it is not given so much importance in the larger perspective. We have seen in the news that some employees have died while working. No one has a clear idea of the kind of emergencies we might face at work. As far as we know, it could be anything: from a fallen beam to a gunman. Regardless, we need to take safety measures, and above all, be ready for emergencies.

Stay safe everyone! Remember, always keep caution on things that might cause you trouble. Keep sparkling!

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