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What you need to know about Jewelry

What you need to know about Jewelry

Can Jewelry be Replated?

You’re staring at your jewelry and notice a portion of it that doesn’t seem right. It’s the color! It’s not the same anymore. What should you do? The plated color that’s wearing out is usually a typical case for jewelry, but luckily there’s a way to correct it. As we all know, buying plated jewelry can always save time and effort, and it’ll be cheaper than solid ones. Having the item look presentable makes it appear so precious and notable. As an example, copper or silver jewelry, plated with gold, would automatically be considered sold as gold plated. Once you notice that the plating starts to wear off, the base metal will be visible, and that’s where replating will occur. Thus, doing that will cost more money, wherein metals can be costly. Although it can be considered as expensive, replating your jewelry makes it all worth it. The glance of a brand new look on your desired item makes it more desirable and astonishing.

Can Jewelry Stores Resize Rings?

The one thing that confuses couples who are looking for the perfect ring is identifying their specific ring sizes. This will always be tricky if you’ll end up buying her a ring with you just guessing her ring size and especially if you wish to surprise her on that perfect event. If you got her ring size wrong, do not worry, resizing the ring will surely be an alternate option.

Resizing Down the Ring

When making the ring smaller, the jeweler will need to cut a portion of the ring’s band and connect the two other ends back together by soldering it. However, another option for making the ring smaller is by using a ring sizer. With that, you’ll be able to insert it inside the embellished band and adjust it to the desired size to fit your finger.

Resizing Up the Ring

Two options can be done to make your ring larger. First is adding an extra metal to be the piece of material to connect in between the ring’s shank to make the size bigger. Though doing this may come a bit pricey because of the extra material and craftsmanship added, this can be a way to improve the value of your ring and for you to be able to use it properly. Second is by stretching the current ring that you have. For this process, the band is stretched and pulled apart, making the surface thinner. The only downside to this is that the ring will appear weaker and will sometimes cause a change of appearance of your ring.

Although resizing is an option, it will always be better that it should be a perfect comfort fit whenever you buy certain jewelry. 

Can Jewelry Get Wet?

Having your jewelry exposed to freshwater won’t do it any harm. However, being prone to other chemicals might end up causing damage to it. If your jewelry is made of gold, silver, stainless steel, or platinum, it will be perfectly fine to shower with it. But when it comes to other metals, you may want to think about it first. I’m sure you don’t want to come out having a green stain on your skin. Not a good move at all.  Swimming in the pool isn’t a good option. With all the chlorinated water that will react to your jewelry, it’ll be better to take it off before dipping in the pool. As to saltwater like the ocean, although it's different from freshwater and pool water, it can also be harmful to your jewelry. So to be safe, to avoid having it getting lost in the depths of the sea, better decide to remove your jewelry before enjoying the cold swim in the ocean. 

Can Jewelry Go in Hand Luggage?

Taking your essential things like jewelry in a plane is indeed permitted, and it is always preferable to put it inside your hand luggage instead of the checked-in bags. One main reason is if it might be lost or stolen, and if you put it inside your checked-in bags, it will not be covered by your travel insurance. Keeping it safe and secured in your carry-on bags is always a must. It would be best to be cautious enough when passing the metal detectors. Just a simple tip: when adorning yourself, you don’t need to bring a lot of jewelry items with you on a trip. Although there is no limit for the quantity of jewelry to carry, it’s recommended to try to travel as less jewelry as possible.

Can Jewelry be made of 24K Gold?

Who doesn’t want to wear a 100% pure gold? Pure gold has a higher value than that of the alloys of gold per unit of weight. 24K is considered as the “Gold Standard,” and many people would think that this is the ideal jewelry that needs to be worn. If you have thought the same, better think twice. Gold is a precious metal that is naturally yellow. It indeed is the most popular metal for jewelry. Gold depicts the color of success, achievement, and triumph, as well as it symbolizes love and friendship. Usually showcases and inspires a deep understanding of self and soul. As rare as it can be, pure gold is considered to be very malleable and can be easily melted, chiseled, carved, or hammered. It tends to bent easily; that’s why it won’t be wise enough to wear this on an everyday basis because it easily ends up having scratches. More often, it is practical to invest this karat amount for home decorations or other medical devices.

Always remember, you don't need to be an expert with jewelry items all the time. Proper caution and a little online search would surely help out with gaining knowledge about it! It's fun! Let's keep on learning new insights! Don't just sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darlings! :)

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