What Jewelry Would Disney Princesses Wear?

What Jewelry Would Disney Princesses Wear?

We all have to admit it; despite all the red carpet appearances we have already seen, no one can ever beat the charm and beauty of our dear Disney princesses. Even though we are no longer kids, and we are way beyond the fairy tale addicted age, we unconsciously take some major fashion points from these classic Disney princesses. These Princesses created by Disney have iconic fashion trademarks. Take Belle's glorious gold gown and Cinderella's pale blue masterpiece of a dress. I think that these dresses will continue to live for generations and generations.

But what if Disney princesses live in our time when we have shunned away boxy ball gowns? Have you ever wondered how they would look like if their fairy tale stories happened today? We at IceCarats.com had a little fun and decided to look for women who embody the classic Disney princesses and whose fashion character truly represents the Disney royalties we love? Will they be on the classy side or the edgy side? Will they still win the fashion game even if it's this year? 

Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

First stop, the smart Belle from Beauty and the Beast. This favorite Disney princess must have been called a poor country girl, but she had goals and dreams, and yes, she became royalty. Yes, I know, being a royalty nowadays is not available for everyone, and we can say that Belle is part of the lucky few. Aside from her charming love story, one that truly stood out as Belle's eternal trademark is the stunning yellow gown she wore for a personal (personal!) and luxurious date with the Prince (aka the Beast). I will forever remember how Belle's intricate yellow gown moved with her while she and the Prince danced. We can all truly say that that gown is beyond gorgeous. 

But what will Belle wear if she was living today? Her stunning mustard yellow dress is just Love. As smart as she is, surely, Belle would settle for something that will not restrict her movements, is classy, and sophisticated. This yellow beauty would fit her. Belle did not put a lot of jewelry on herself, so she would still opt for simpler jewelry pieces like this pearl bangle and dangling diamond earrings. But being smart with fashion does not mean that you have to be boring; Belle would surely know how to take inspiration from famous fashion icons like Blake Lively. Being the adventurous girl, Belle would also be brave to wear popping turquoise earrings and stack some serious, colorful bangles. She would look captivating in both styles!

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Snow White

Snow White lived with her envious stepmother. Thus, she did not allow her to wear decent looking clothes because, well, the stepmother is hoping she would not become such a beauty. We all know what happened next; despite stepmother's efforts, the good prevailed. I like to imagine that if Snow White lived today, she would have already packed her bags, made her way, and wave jealous stepmom goodbye as she pursues her dreams in New York City.

She owns one glamorous gown; that would be enough! She would probably sashay in the streets of a big city with her bright yellow top and sleek blue skirt complemented by an edgy bangle and a classic ring. Perhaps, when she feels a little fancy, she would have a penchant for a turquoise necklace and gold and silver accessories. She would probably dye her hair blonde for a more dramatic effect against her pale, flawless skin. If Snow White lived in today's world, she would not not be needing any kiss from any prince. She can handle herself just fine with her fantastic fashion and jewelry.

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Rapunzel (Tangled)

People call "Tangled" as the movie that started Disney's comeback after a couple of mediocre animated films. The story revolved around the stolen princess, Rapunzel, and her great thirst for adventure in the world beyond the tower where she is kept hidden by a self-centered pseudo mom. She meets the uber handsome Flynn Ryder, and together they went into this crazy adventure, and eventually, they fell in love. If there is a princess who needs to have an adventure so desperately, that would be Rapunzel. We can't blame the poor girl, though. Let's give her some props for being able to stay in the same place for 16 years!

That would have been pretty hard. If this dear princess had an opportunity to flaunt her street style in these modern times, she would go out looking splendid. Perhaps she would wow everyone with her simplicity and sophistication; she's one of those Disney princesses whose dress is not as fancy as the others'. She would come out in a basic white top and a flowing purple maxi skirt. She would stack on some statement earrings for a much-needed outfit pop. Or perhaps, if she's feeling fresh, she might use a lilac jumpsuit. As for the jewelry, she would be interested in the multiple ring trend nowadays. Surely, Flynn would approve. 

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Personally, Jasmine is my favorite Disney Princess not because she is different from the other Disney Princesses who are royals from Europe but because she is one hard-headed princess. Hard-headed princesses do not seem to go well with each other, but I think that's what makes her special. Her suitors would also agree with me because Jasmine is also one of the most captivating Disney royalties. You can't deny that Middle Eastern beauties share their charm in the spotlight.

Sure, she went to a whole new world adventure with a peasant pretending to be a prince in the story, but how would Jasmine fare in the modern-day lifestyle? Well, here's to hoping that she will keep her Middle Eastern flair in her fashion. She will probably wear a sassy crop top and pair it with some fitting maxi skirts. She would probably be a fan of gold chain necklaces because they make her look good, emphasizing her features. She would surely grab her statement earrings and her pearl chokers if she wants to go fancy for a lunch date with her man. Jasmine loves to accessorize, and I don't think that would change through the years. 

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Who does not love Cinderella's aquamarine ball gown? It seems like everyone's dream wedding gown when we're all way young to get married. Cinderella's dress was undoubtedly fit for a princess that she is. But Cinderella also shares the same background and fate with Snow White; their respective stepmothers were jealous of their beauty that they always make them wear ugly clothes. However, you can't hide a natural beauty; Cinderella and Snow White both got their princes. 

Now, in these days where bulky gowns no longer dominate the fashion lens, what would Cinderella wear? We want to think that since Cinderella has newfound freedom, she would experiment on new trends like letting her hair flow in sexy waves to exude that ravishing Bohemian vibe. She would settle for an aquamarine dress with a light material, and she'll go adventurous with her jewelry. Statement earrings and stacked bangles?

Yes, sir! A royalty can take tips from a royalty. Kate Middleton can be a significant inspiration from Cinderella. Kate came from the ordinary people, so as Cinderella, so they will always be on the same page. Kate could inspire her to go low-key because it is still safe and stylish. "A pair of diamond stud earrings is all that you need, Cindy!" Kate would say. We can only imagine with delight! 

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Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

If Aurora would be living today, the last thing she would need is a group of nosy women who want to get into every detail in her wardrobe. In the traditional story, they were more popularly known as the three fairies who vowed to protect Aurora from the evil witch's powers. They had to make sure she's not within the radar of Maleficent. But what we would probably remember is how two of the fairies in the movies argued over the color of the gown they were making for the young princess. Now, that would probably be more stressful in the modern scene with all other sources telling what you should wear and what to pair it with.

The last thing you need is an opinion from two insistent women. But to be fair, let's say that Aurora would love to try these two colors, what would she wear? Before she knew she was royalty, she lived in the forest and enjoyed going on long walks in barefoot. Sounds very gypsy-like to us. For sure, she would love this very breezy baby blue dress with a Bohemian touch to it. To add the Bohem feel to it, she might add a native-looking statement necklace. The contrast offered by the necklace to the dress is perfection. But if she wants to play the part of the classy royalty, she can opt for a pale pink dress and coat and match it with an elegant pale pink pearl necklace. Undoubtedly, the two fairies will be pleased.

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These are just some of the possible looks our Disney princesses would probably wear. Do you have your version of how these Disney girls would look like if they live today? If you're planning to steal some Disney Princess jewelry style, check our collection! We have a lot of elegant jewelry, especially for you! Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling!

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