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Traveling with Jewelry? Here are Tips to Remember

Traveling with Jewelry? Here are Tips to Remember

Traveling with style is the new trend today. Gone were the days of small backpacks and lousy shorts; now, traveling has taken a whole new level. Some travel bloggers prefer to travel light, which means they only carry the most important things they need. Some toss the heavy clothes aside and only bring their essential accessories (aka Jewelry pieces).

Traveling with jewelry is a great beauty hack, especially if you are looking for ways to look fashionable while traveling. However, traveling with jewelry can be quite a challenge, too. Here are tips and guides on how to have a hassle-free, fashion-filled trip with your favorite jewelry pieces from safety, to insurance, to a mess-proof organization!


1. Get Jewelry Insurance

No matter how much we try to read as many tips and guides on how to travel with jewelry, we still won't be assured that our jewelry is always on the safe side. Airports are not always that trustworthy, hotels can sometimes issue a challenge when you keep your jewelry pieces in your room, and a trip to adventure-filled places can make you lose your precious trinkets. So, before you carry jewelry while traveling, make sure that you have your accessories insured. This step will, at least, give you the confidence that you will not worry so much about your bling while on the road.

2. Don't include it in the checked-in baggage

Nowadays, the number of people who lost some of their valuables inside their checked-in baggage has increased. Airport security differs from every country, and although some countries offer high-class security for you and your luggage, this isn't always the case. Save yourself from losing your pricey valuables by including them in your carry-on luggage. Indeed, it may take extra effort to make sure the bag won't be messy, and all but the sacrifice is worth the plunge. You'd rather have a bulky carry-on bag than lost jewelry, right?

3. Keep your jewelry in your personal "safe box."

Considering the number of travel must-haves that you will probably be prepared, there can be times that you can't be able to keep an eye on your valuables. If you plan to carry jewelry while traveling, keep it in a carry-on bag that you can always keep your eye on while you switch from one flight to another. You can't risk losing your jewelry pieces because you're overwhelmed with other things you are carrying. Make sure the bag that you will put your jewelry in is one that you will always take with you. For additional safety, get a personal lock for your carry-on bag.

4. Make a list of jewelry you're bringing

One thing that you can do to ensure that your jewelry will be in safe hands when you are on the road is to make a list of the accessories you brought with you during your travel. Preparing a list beforehand makes your jewelry packing more organized. Make a copy of your list and store it in a separate place. As much as possible, take photos of the jewelry you packed with you so you won't be able to miss anything before, during, and after your travel. Safety can surely be achieved when you have a list first.


If you are planning to bring jewelry while traveling, preparation is an eternal key to making sure that you won't be experiencing any problem with your trinkets. It also seems that every traveler wants a piece of super light baggage with every fashion need already inside the bag. With planning, this is possible!

1. What to bring

The first thing to remember when you are still trying to wonder how to travel with jewelry is to identify beforehand the jewelry that you plan to bring with you on the road. Look into your pieces beforehand what and what not to bring with you. Are you bringing that three-carat diamond with you as you hop in the sands of the Caribbean? Probably not. How about a set of pearls that can look perfect with any outfit you wear? A big yes for that! Planning for your jewelry can save you a lot of space, time, and possible expensive losses.

2. Take the Versatile Pieces

One of the mistakes that come with traveling with jewelry is that they can sometimes make our luggage look bulky. If you plan to bring all the most beautiful pieces on your trips, you would probably experience some hassle-filled travel. Save yourself from the bulky, messy, tangled-filled luggage by choosing the most versatile jewelry pieces you can wear with whatever outfit. A good statement necklace or a statement ring can make all the difference. Just like the little black dress, choosing the versatile jewelry pieces can save you any day! Get your best pieces ready and leave the expensive, the bulky, and the tangle-prone pieces home.

3. Choose Mess-free Jewelry

The last thing you would expect is a tangled jewelry item. Yes, traveling with style seems too impossible if you would spend a lot of time detangling the necklaces, bracelets, and other accessories that found a way to coil around each other while you are traveling. For a more natural way on how to pack your jewelry, go for rings. Rings are bold and beautiful accessories that are tangle-free, and they don't take a lot of space, too. Keep a statement ring in handy for a fashionable look while on the road. Don't forget your staple bangles, too! These cute little trinkets can do wonder to your look whether you go for the formal look or the casual side. Also, statement necklaces are a great addition, too. They are less prone to tangles because of their size, and they can immediately make an ordinary outfit look phenomenal!


When it comes to traveling with jewelry, the organization plays a significant role. To avoid loss, defects, and other unfortunate things that could happen to your jewelry, organize them accurately before leaving for the airport. Even simple home tools can make a difference and can be used as a DIY jewelry organizer. Get your buttons, index cards, and other home stuff ready; you will need them for your next adventure with jewelry.

1. Straws

If you are not into tangles (and honestly, who is?), there is a solution just for you that can come in handy when you are traveling! Straws! Straws are the perfect protection against tangles, especially for necklaces with long, delicate chains. The plastic prevents the chains from coiling around each other. Insert the other end of the chain at one end of the straw and clasp the chain together. Store the necklaces in a toothpaste box or a pencil box to save yourself from messy necklaces scattered everywhere. The organization is everything.

2. Index cards

The next beauty hack on how to pack jewelry for your travel fashion is an index card. If your primary jewelry trouble when you travel are lost earrings or earrings that get bends along the way, this index card trick will help you. Poke your earrings (especially the stud ones) into the index card. Placing your ear studs in the index card can cause lesser earring losses, and that is great news for earring lovers!

3. Save the buttons

If you have a penchant for drop earrings or dangling earrings, you can use the buttons to keep them in place. Keep the pair of earrings intact with the use of buttons and say goodbye to the endless search for lost dangling earrings that is always too common for travelers. So, never lose your buttons because they can come to the rescue when you bring jewelry with you on your trip.

4. Toilet Paper Packing

That paper cardboard roll you get when you are at the end of your tissue life? That's not the end of its service. You can use it when organizing your bracelet and bangles you are going to use with your travel fashion! Bracelets and bangles tend to be everywhere when they are not packed nicely. Avoid this common mishap by letting your hand accessories loop around the toilet paper roll. In this way, they get arranged neatly together, making it easier for you to locate them when it is time to use them.

5. Pouches

If you want to have a fancier way of packing your jewelry, go for pouches. Have a separate pouch for bracelets, bangles, rings, and necklaces. Some jewelry pieces can easily be scratched when combined, so be sure you stack them individually. Pouches also allow jewelry owners to easily see the jewelry they want to use, especially when pouches have names. Ensure that the pouch has a reliable close so you will be confident it won't be loose along the way. If possible, use a rubber band instead of a thread to close the pouch. The more sure you are, the better.

Traveling in style with jewelry is easy to achieve as long as you have the right information before traveling. This is our last advice: don't stress yourself out by bringing expensive and fancy jewelry with you. Those trinkets are the last thing you need. Keep it chic, relaxed, and simple with inexpensive but pretty jewelry. To find more travel-worthy jewelry pieces, visit's spring collection. You get beauty at a lesser price. Don't sit there waiting. Travel with style, darling!

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