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Top 10 Cursed and Notorious Diamonds Tagged as Dangerous Jewelry

Top 10 Cursed and Notorious Diamonds Tagged as Dangerous Jewelry

Diamonds are girl's best friend; nothing in this world can compare to the beauty that comes with expensive, sparkly jewelry. But some diamond owners throughout history can attest that the praise on diamonds is sometimes too overrated. These owners have had the string of bad luck, misfortune, many dangers, and, eventually, death. More than it's overwhelming beauty, these dangerous jewelry pieces are viewed as notorious diamonds that one should ignore. But can we?

In this blog, we will feature ten of the most famous cursed diamonds that have rocked its owners' lives and were branded as jewelry with a curse. Some of them have glitz and beauty beyond measure, but are these stones' aesthetic qualities enough to conceal the real deal that comes with them? Look beyond the looks, they say. You may not know what you could be getting. From Elizabeth Taylor's jewels to King Louis XIV's famous Hope Diamond, the jewels tagged "notorious."

10. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's diamond

The "Liz and Dick" of Hollywood were known for their lavish lifestyle and jet-setting activities. These two Hollywood A-listers, who were first famous for the affair they had in Cleopatra's set while they were still married, spent their wealth on abundant food, drinks, a yacht, a jet, and a ton of jewelry. One jewelry piece undoubtedly stood out from the rest because Elizabeth Taylor loved to wear it in the extravagant events they go to, but also because it's believed that the said jewel eventually caused the marital rift and subsequent divorce of one of Hollywood's power couple. The Taylor-Burton diamond is a whopping 69-carat stone that Richard Burton gave to his lady love Lizzie. Elizabeth flaunted the mysterious diamond in Princess Grace's birthday. It was an obvious fact that Elizabeth Taylor loved her jewelry so much that she sometimes enjoys the luxury of playing with them. This famous couple married twice and was divorced twice as well.

9. Sancy Diamond

The Sancy diamond knew royalty, intrigue, and crime. This diamond was a favorite of royalty in the European countries. Although this antique and controversial gem originated from India, it somehow fell into the hands of Charles the Bold, the Duke of Burgundy. When the man died, the Sancy diamond transferred into the hands of Manuel the First of Portugal. After him, a series of unfortunate events followed the diamond and its owner. It was stolen from Portugal by a jewelry thief and was eventually sold to a court member named Sancy. The diamond's beauty was flaunted by King Henry III and then used as collateral to his army by King Henry IV. The gem was then found in the stomach of a killed messenger tasked to deliver the stone. Latter time, it was said to have been stolen from the royal treasury together with the Hope Diamond. The diamond was dubbed as one of the diamonds with a curse as it seems to inflict bad luck to those holding the diamond. Now, the Sancy's beauty is displayed safe and sound at the Apollo Museum.

8. Regent Diamond

This beauty had a very interesting, yet gross, beginning. The Regent diamond was first discovered in a mine in India. It was found by a servant who secretly kept it in an open wound in his leg. After some time, this beautiful diamond weighs 140.64 carats with a slight blue cast belonging to the French royalty. In the year 1792, all royal jewels of France were stolen. The French army searched for the gems, and the notorious Regent diamond fell into the hands of the great Napoleon of France. The commander of the army, Napoleon, chose the diamond to be a design in his sword. Eventually, the Regent, which is believed to be one of the diamonds with bad luck, brought Napoleon his death. The French man's second wife bought the ring to Austria. Now, the Regent diamond can be found in Louvre.

7. The Hortensia Diamond

This gem, tagged as jewelry with a curse, is now safe and sound together with other Louvre jewels. The Hortensia Diamond, a captivating gem weighing 20-carats and a pale coral shade to it, is so much a part of France's history that even though it has a little dent in it, this jewel is still highly valued. Named for Napoleon's stepchild, Hortense or Empress Josephine, this gem had its fair string of being parted from its original owner. In the 1792 French Royal Jewelry heist, the Hortensia Diamond was included among those taken away. It was later discovered but stolen once more in 1830. Fortunately, the Hortensia was quickly recovered and now still in its full beauty at the Louvre.

6. The Star of Africa Diamond

One of the most popular diamonds, the Star of Africa, is known for its notoriety and beauty and its incredible size. The unbelievable weight of this diamond is 530.30 carats. Believed to be a part of the Cullinan diamond whose total weight is 3000 carats, the Star of Africa was seen very precious by a gem cutter that it took many months for the cutter to give finally the stone the 79 facets it now has. The Star of Africa diamond is so famous that it is now part of the British Crowned Jewels' Royal Scepter.

5. The Shah Diamond

In case you are wondering, the inscription written in the diamond reads "ruler of the world," and the diamond seems to stand true for this title. The Shah Diamond is true to its name, for it is a jewel worthy of a king's approval; it is a gem that is vied for by different royalty. The Shah Diamond was first discovered in India in 1450. The diamond is said to be a symbol of war, victory, and royalty in Ancient India. The stone weighs a total of 88.7 carats and is very popular for its clarity value. Three different Shahs had the chance to own the diamond, and they had either lose it by the thief or deceit. India's ownership of the diamond was lost when offered as an offering of peace and a form of pacification to the Soviet Union.

4. The Eureka Diamond

The Eureka diamond was discovered interestingly. It was first seen a shepherd boy was asked to do some chores by the river. The boy found a sparkling stone and kept it for a while. When his mother saw the stone's unique look, the mother confided to the neighbor about it. In turn, the neighbor offered her money for it, but she refused. After the long, tedious processes, it was discovered that the stone was indeed a 21.25-carat diamond. The diamond then made its way to Queen Victoria of Windsor. The diamond was transferred from one owner to another until it was taken into possession by De Beers in 1967. It is now a captivating display in the Kimberly Museum in South Africa.

3. Dresden Green Diamond

Famous for its many similarities with the blue Hope Diamond, the Dresden Green diamond is considered one of the most valuable diamonds. A fascinating gem that originated from India, the Dresden diamond is always remembered for its striking green hue of deep green. Green diamonds are among the rarest variety globally, and its first owner was Frederick Augustus II, a ruler's son in Saxony. He named the diamond after the capital city of their kingdom. His father loved building places where he can display the artifacts he discovered from all over the world. Through the years, the Dresden green diamond passed through the hands of many royal owners. Currently, it is in the Albertinium Museum in Dresden.

2. Orlov Diamond

One believed to be a cursed diamond; the Orlov diamond is an ethereal gem that carries with it a ton of stories. The stone once belonged to a Russian royal scepter that once belonged to Catherine the Great. The stone is so unique because it weighs 189.60 carats. Legends tell a story that the diamond came from an eye of a Hindu doll brazenly stolen by a French deserter. How it came to Catherine the Great is of more interest. A suitor, Gregory Orlov, had high hopes to be reciprocated with love by Catherine the Great once he gave her the beautiful stone. His dreams, though, were crushed when no love was given back to him. He died alone and insane with Catherine possessing the valued stone.

1. The Hope Diamond

Ah, the Hope Diamond, famous for its staggering beauty and the sinister myths that say that it is a cursed diamond. Many believe this beautiful deep blue stone was cursed and that it can bring a ton of bad luck and misfortunes to anyone who owns it and wears it. Discovered in India, this jewel that initially weighed 112 carats was owned by King Louis XIV, who made it faceted to fit French crowns. From him, the Hope Diamond journey continued from Louis XV and XVI to Wilhelm Fals, to Evalyn Walsh, and eventually to Harry Winston. These owners had their share of the diamond's curse, although many had reputed that it was all just coincidence, and stories were just fabricated to increase the diamond's value.

These diamonds are indeed aesthetically advanced, we could deny that, but their history and lore make them more fascinating. Are you looking for diamonds? Check our collection! We promise that no curse comes with them. Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling.

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