Things to Love About Spiga Chains

Things to Love About Spiga Chains

If you have never heard of a Spiga chain before, you are in for a delightful surprise. Our Spiga Chain series has links that are formed like figures of eight. These links are meticulously interlocked to create a striking design.

Given the wide variety of Spiga Chains, also known as Wheat chains, both in terms of their designs and their lengths, making a decision might be tough.  This chain is crafted to seem like a beautiful golden braid. The exquisite design of this type of chain is one of the reasons why so many different kinds of women adore this. It has a dainty, trendy look and may be worn either by itself or in conjunction with a pendant.

We listed down all the things we love about Spiga Chains, and we're confident that you'll agree.

1. They are Lightweight and Curvaceous, but not Bulky.

One major feature of Spiga Chains is that they are lightweight and easy to wear.

More and more working women and men now lead active lives, therefore, there is a tendency for them to choose lightweight jewelry that aren’t cumbersome, and excessively showy.   Fashionable adjustable accessories that won't get in the way and look stylish effortlessly at the same time checks off the box for versatile stunning everyday wear.  

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2. The Perfect Gift for Special Occasions 

Trying to find the perfect gift for someone you care about can be a frustrating process.  Consider gifting a spiga chain as a thoughtful gesture.  They make a terrific gift amongst fashion-forward friends and family members.   Personalized gold chains with meaningful pendants are a popular token of love.  No matter who you give it to, a gold adjustable Spiga chain is a unique gift that will be loved and cherished for years to come.  

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3.  Spiga Chains are Unisex, Great for all Genders.

Not all chain necklaces are flattering for both men and women. However,  Spiga chains may be worn by anybody and still looks equally fabulous.  Many men and women like simplicity without sacrificing style and Spiga chains gives both men and women the style and sophisticated look that they want.

This irresistible fine jewelry Spiga chain is the ideal complement to compliment any outfit for all genders.

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4. Spiga Chains boast the most Intricate Design.

Spiga chains are composed of four strands of twisted oval links and is constructed of woven links that form a stunning and eye-catching necklace.  It’s what gives them that extra boost that gives the chain necklace an unexpected twist.  Spiga chain necklaces and bracelets will definitely help you achieve a more edgy or refined style.

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5. It is Surprisingly Durable.

If you didn't already know, this is the traditional jeweler's go-to recommendation for a trustworthy pendant holding chain—and for good reason too. The Spiga or otherwise, known as Wheat Chain is a cleverly created chain that is structurally supportive as well, unlike some chains that are strong just by the sheer thickness of the link.

With its interwoven links, our Spiga Chain is a great way to show off a favorite charm or pendant. It is extremely strong and durable.  

Style tip: It looks best with charms and pendants that are about 1" long.

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Spiga Chains have been a jewelry mainstay for decades, and they're a simple, understated way to spruce up your ensemble. Whether you prefer to pile your chains or wear a thin, barely-there version, these necklaces provide everything from a hint of glitz to a dazzling quantity of sparkle.  

There is a distinct and hidden glamor in the Spiga chain that gives them a naturally stellar appearance and makes them spontaneously stylish.



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