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The Right Jewelry Pieces For Your Hair Color

The Right Jewelry Pieces For Your Hair Color

Does hair color matter when choosing jewelry pieces? Well, it turns out the answer is yes. Although choosing jewelry based on hair color isn't a big deal for most of us, there is a significant difference when we go for jewelry colors that complement our hair shades more. Yes, several jewelry styles perfectly match brunette hair, red hair, silver hair, black hair, and blonde hair. Curious as to what suits your hair color best? Read on and learn more.

1. Black hair

If you're a Latina or someone from Asia, you probably are blessed with the luscious black hair. People say that it's challenging to find a match with black hair because it's already a strong color to begin with. But, there is no reason to worry. Dark hair shades are very versatile when it comes to being paired with striking jewelry pieces. Are you a dark-haired beauty that is curious what complements your natural hair shade the most? Here are some of the jewelry pieces that will surely make that hair color of yours pop even more.

a. Opal White

The secret to making dark backgrounds work for your good is to offer a contrast to them. If you are a dark-haired beauty, go for jewelry pieces that come in an opal white color, and you will indeed look stunning. Don't believe me? Just look at Priyanka Chopra's opal dangling earrings. The variation between her hair, skin color, and immaculate white dangling earrings all combine to say, "She's looking sexy!" Whether they be pearls or opals, remember that these cream-colored trinkets always work in your favor, there's no doubt about that!

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b. Sterling Silver

One girl in Hollywood who is undoubtedly winning it in the fashion scene is actress Shay Mitchell. This Filipino-American beauty stands out thanks to her beautiful olive skin and her rich, dark hair. What are some jewelry style tips from her for girls of dark hair color? Go for cool-toned jewelry like sterling silver! Nothing spells "Oh so sexy" than statement jewelry in sterling silver. The statement necklace Shay is wearing makes it look hip and sophisticated. Don't shy away from silver pieces; they're your friends when it comes to accessorizing!

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c. Pink

However, raven-haired beauties aren't just limited to whites, neutrals, and silver pieces for the jewelry department. A dark-haired lady can still have fun with colors in her jewelry! This fact is proven to us once more by Shay Mitchell when she stepped out on the red carpet looking downright classy with a pair of popping dangling earrings with cute pink gemstones on them. Pink is such a feminine color, and it works so well with black hair! So, if you are blessed with dark locks, don't forget to think pink!

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2. Blonde Hair

On its own, blonde hair is a statement. This classic hair color represents old Hollywood glam, modern fashion, and classy looks. Blonde hair isn't that hard to accessorize because it sorts of blends to almost any look out there. However, there are jewelry colors that make blonde hair even more noticeable, and we've chosen Hollywood stars that are fashion icons in their fields to show us how it's done.

a. Make Crystals Work

Aiming for a romantic look that would go perfectly with your blonde locks? Are you looking for accessories that will not overpower your gorgeous gold locks? The secret is going for crystal jewelry! Clear crystals are your greatest fashion teammate. Whether your jewelry taste inclines towards diamond, white sapphire, or clear topaz, complementing your look with these crystals is a no-fail way of looking good. Just take it from Mary Kate Olsen!

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b. Soft Romantic Colors

One of the most efficient references of inspiration is Blake Lively when it comes to blonde hair fashion. This blonde beauty knows how to stand out from the crowd with her A+ fashion choices. One of her noteworthy looks features these lavish rose gold earrings that are too beautiful for words. When you're blonde, let jewelry pieces in soft romantic pieces add a stunning complement to your hair color!

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c. Striking Gemstones

But it's not only the dainty and the romantic that should be going center stage when you are a blonde beauty. Colors, it turns out, do a lot of favor to a blonde girl's look. We take inspiration from Amanda Seyfried and her striking orange gemstone earrings! The color is bold, daring, and complements the beautiful shade of her hair. So, if you're choosing accessories for your gold locks, don't forget bold gem colors.

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3. Oh, brunettes!

Do you think it's just me, or do you also feel that girls are blessed with a beautiful brunette hair color? To me, this hair shade is just so versatile. You can pair it with any makeup, hairstyle, accessories, and clothes. Besides that, you can also take a lot of jewelry and style inspirations from the many stars in Hollywood who are beautiful brunettes. If you belong to this hair shade, here are some of the fanciest jewelry choices for you.

a. Cool gems

Bright, romantic-colored gems work so well on blondes, and the opposite is true for the brunette hair color; it stands out more if you use cool gems as an accessory. Take inspiration from the beautiful Emilia Clarke and how she sparkles on the red carpet with dazzling cool green dangling earrings. You can also go for sapphires, ruby, or even black diamonds. They have the power to make any brunette look oh-so-sexy! Trust us on that!

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b. Rose Gold

Another jewelry color that works so well with brunettes is rose gold. Rose gold jewelry pieces are perfect against the brunette hair shade because this particular hair color provides an excellent background for the soft touches of rose gold. Nothing looks more romantic than brunette hair paired with rose gold accessories. It looks classy and very dainty, attractive, and hard to resist combination, ladies and gentlemen.

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c. Gold

Gold is a universal color, and it almost works for all skin types, skin tones, and undertones. But did you know that if you're a brunette, this metal is your best friend? Look how stunning Nina Dobrev is in the photo. The bold, striking color of the metal offers just the right amount of contrast for your equally ravishing hair.

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4. Redhead

Accessorizing redheads, they say, can be quite a challenge. However, if you have mastered it, the redhead can beat them all. We've been made to believe that redheads don't belong that much on the fashion scene. But that is changed lately by so many auburn-haired women. Thanks to them, we cannot identify jewelry colors, metals, and shades that work perfectly with unique hair colors. Here are some of them:

a. Turquoise

Turquoise is a funky color that is very popular in the fashion world. If you browse through Pinterest, you can see that turquoise is a favorite of tan-skinned women who boast their long blonde hair. But turquoise doesn't only work for the yellow-haired girls. A redhead can rock a turquoise accessory, too. Just take Christina Hendrick as an example. The distinction between her bright red locks and cool turquoise earrings is just gorgeous.

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b. Fun, Bright Gems

It seems that colorful gems favor redheads a lot, as seen on Isla Fisher in this photo. Bright, pastel colors like yellow, turquoise and mint green would look stunning against your auburn hair. Don't be afraid of colors. Learn to experiment.

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c. Salmon Pink

And if you don't want contrast, you can complement just what Amy Adams did. The veteran actress decided to pair her red hair with stunning salmon pink dangling earrings. The result is breathtaking.

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5. Silver Hair

People think that silver hair is only for older women. However, that's not the case anymore. Silver hair has now become a magical trend, especially this fall season. If you want to join in the craze, here are some jewelry options for you.

a. Dainty Gold

Add more magic to your hair color by adding some dainty gold pieces to your look. This is an excellent way to bring a little something to your look without overpowering your hair.

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b. Silver

Silver on silver? Yes, please! There's nothing more magical looking than this.

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c. Purple

Silver hair is cool-toned hair. Pair your silver locks with cool-toned colors like purple and lilac.

Now, choosing jewelry has become a lot easier, thanks to our unique hair colors. Try to experiment with more beautiful jewelry pieces that will suit your hair. Find the best ones only at Indulge and discover! There are a lot of beauties to uncover! Keep sparkling!

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