The Latest Most Popular Jewelry Trend on Pendants

The Latest Most Popular Jewelry Trend on Pendants

What is a necklace without a pendant? A boring string with no companion. A string without its pearls. A book without its main characters. You get the picture. Through the years of fashion history, it seems to have been universally accepted that one cannot wear a necklace without an accompanying pendant. Classy looks deserve a chic pendant, and with a very innovative fashion world today, there are a vast plethora of necklace pendants we can choose from. You can choose from religious pendants, charms, and pendants, sentimental pendants for men and women; you name it!

Here are the 11 most trendy and fashionable pendants today. And yes, they are not just pendants; they have significant meanings behind them. So take a look at these great pendants, and you might see something that hits home. Whether in the metal gold or sterling silver, you are guaranteed to love these beautiful pendants.

1. Heart Pendant

If you're a hopeless romantic, and you like to wear your heart on your sleeves, you are perhaps one of those gals who would love this heart pendant. Whether you are a fan of gold pendants or sterling silver pendants, there's no denying that this pendant comes beautifully in whatever metal. The gold heart pendant is perfect for everyday wear, while the sterling silver heart pendant is one to choose for a romantic day out with someone you like. Whatever you want, this heart pendant can undoubtedly make you look, Ms. Audrey Hepburn classy. So if you are a chick who loves everything chic, then you should have one of these in your jewelry stash.

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2. Gem Pendants

Next, on our list are these exotic and mesmerizing gem pendants. These pendants are perfect for someone who looks for a necklace trinket that is unique but is a definite stand out. What's great about these gem pendants is that they can be paired with almost anything. You want something to amp up the look of your little black dress? Then, go for a classy gem. Have you always wanted to channel the bohemian fashion but can't afford to spend a ton for bohemian jewelry? Then, invest in gems; you can still wear them with sophisticated clothes or casual, breezy fashion on. Have you ever seen a pendant so versatile as these gem pendants?

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3. Passion Pendant

How do you support a friend, a family member, or the love of your life? May it be in his dreams and passions? How do you make them know that you believe in them and their goals? Showing some love and support to someone you care for has never been more fashionable with these hobby-inspired passion pendants. The best thing about these pendants is that you can choose from a ton of icons that represent a person's hobbies and passion, If you have a friend who loves to do ballet dancing, give them a ballerina pendant to remind them of their dreams. If your boyfriend loves jewelry, this gold pendant for men in a basketball design is perfect for him, especially if he loves to play ball. I can only imagine their thrilled faces!

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4. Initials Pendants

Do you want to make your jewelry more personalized? Are you still on the hunt for finding the best-personalized type of jewelry out there to give to someone you love? Well, you don't need to look far anymore. With's initials pendants, you hit two birds with one stone. These pendants are affordable, chic, and sophisticated. Also, they can make any accessory have that a personalized touch that everyone wants! You can choose a cubic zirconia pendant, gold initials pendant, or a sterling silver pendant with little diamond sparkles. You can purchase it with a dazzling chain, and you give someone a gift that will make her smile for a lifetime.

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5. Pet Pendants

If you are a big fan of fur babies and you just can't contain your love for them, then we have the perfect pendant for you. One of the most popular pendants nowadays is the ones dedicated to the little furballs of happiness in our lives. Do you adore your little kitty with all your heart and soul? Then, wear your love for her on your sleeves with a cat pendant. Do you consider your dogs the best friends of your life? Then tell the world how much you are so blessed to have your little buddy with you. Or, if you want to make your pet look fashionable than the rest, try adding a touch of jewelry to its basic style staples, and your darling pet will surely get a lot of admiring and approving comments.

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6. Cancer Survivor Pendants

One thing we can do to show compassion and love to someone who just finished battling or it still in his/her fight with cancer is to let them know that we are with them in their battles. We fight with them. We pray for them. We show them how much we care for them through this cancer survivor pendant. This pendant is a beautiful addition to our necklaces, but it also has a deep, touching meaning. Another great news for this pendant is that this comes in a variety of designs: sterling silver, gold, and gem-embellished. Whichever you choose, make sure always to let your friend or loved one know how much you dedicate the jewelry to him/her.

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7. Vintage Pendants

Do you have a penchant for antique, classic jewelry? Do you find a vintage pendant classy and irresistible? Well, we couldn't blame you. Antique jewelry, especially pendants, has a magic and a magnet of its own. Who wouldn't fall in love with its history, its intricate details? Who would not be drawn to something uniquely beautiful? Of course, we all want to get our hands on these vintage pendants. Thank goodness, has made it easier for all of us to have it. With a very affordable price, we can finally have a vintage-inspired pendant of our own. Now, isn't that a dream come true for all of us?

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8. Cute Girly Pendants

Did you know that one thing that makes someone look interesting is her jewelry? Sometimes, girls love to wear jewelry that subtly signifies what they like, what they stand for, and what they believe in life. If you're that kind of girl who keeps her mouth sealed and just let the jewelry do the talking, then you will enjoy our charming pendants collection where you will find every life pendant you are looking for. Take a browse at our infinity necklaces and our key pendants. If you like, you can find the more solemn collection in our inspiration page.

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9. Tree of Life Pendant

If you are someone who loves to gain wisdom and knowledge in every aspect of life, then the tree of life pendant is for you. What makes this tree of life pendant so popular? The tree in the pendant signifies a bodhi tree, a unique plant in Buddhism that is attributed to life, wisdom, knowledge, and continuous learning. To some, the tree symbolizes a fountain of knowledge. So if you are someone who has goals to pursue and dreams of reaching, letting this tree of life remind you never to give up until you get there—what a beautiful, meaningful pendant.

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10. Journey Pendant

What is a journey pendant? For many, journey pendants symbolize a journey and travel, and either one was already undertaken, or one is still about to begin. This jewelry represents your endurance of the journey. It can also be a reminder for strength in the next challenge you are about to undertake. If you're about to venture a journey of a lifetime, take this pendant with you to remind you to be strong and to carry on.

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11. Cross Pendant

Last on our list is the oh-too-famous cross pendants. Traditionally, these cross pendants have been associated with the Christian religion. But, even those who do not share the same faith are becoming fans of these pendants, perhaps because of its classy cut and geometric beauty. If you are a Christian, this is a great way to stand up and wear your belief wherever you are going to be. Cross necklaces are trendy, especially with a gold cross pendant on. However, even sterling silver cross pendants have become so attractive (thanks to the diamonds) that it is worth the penny indeed!

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Isn't it great how beautiful jewelry can be of more beauty with the little help from small things like pendants? It's just so great to think about it. I cannot live without a pendant. I guess all of us have a pendant that carries a lot of good memories for us. If you want to make more new memories, check out our pendant collection at These trinkets are lovely without the high price. The pendants here a real deal. Come on, check it out! Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling!

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