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Things to consider when buying a jewelry

Things to consider when buying a piece of jewelry

Jewelry has played a huge role in people's lives throughout the ages. It has its purpose that served as a symbol of status, whether to show wealth or role in the community. Jewelry also represents importance in everyday life or on any occasion. A person that knows fashion knows the importance of synchronizing the outfit with the desired jewelry. The importance of matching the jewelry serves as a major role that highlights your glamour in any event or gatherings. Wearing jewelry can be a way of expressing your fashionable style. It projects the mystique fashion that you can showcase, it completes your outfit, and most importantly, it serves as a memorable piece that embodies a significant event that happened in your life. A jewelry piece can make a big difference and surely will make you appear more attractive and stylish. It makes you feel more beautiful and boosts your overall confidence.

Why jewelry is the best gift?

Simply because it makes a perfect present, may it be big or small, a piece of jewelry is overly loved by many. You can give it on any occasion and suitable for all ages—a lot of varieties to choose from our wide selection. Versatile designs and traditional yet contemporary styles create an alluring beauty that surely attracts the eye. A piece of jewelry perfectly completes and complements the outfit as well as it is a perfect match to any skin tones or body types. It is a work of art that commends a job well done. A jewelry project a timeless beauty that you can pass on through the next generation. It serves as a sincere and memorable souvenir for yourself, your family, friends, or even someone very special to your heart. And getting a gorgeously wrapped item always give excitements when opening it.

Why is jewelry expensive?

Are all jewelry items considered expensive? No, we can't say that all are of the same prices. The reason behind the jewelry cost is the price of the materials used in crafting it. Added to that are the demand and labor costs. A piece of jewelry made of gold will surely be more expensive because it creates a more glamorous finish. Platinum and gold are two of the most expensive metals that are available for jewelry making. Jewelry can be made available in different styles and designs. So the more intricate the masterpiece is, the more valuable the jewelry becomes. The price of jewelry also depends on what occasion that you'll be needing it. It's simply a representation of beauty on that mystique moment that you'll give this piece of accessory. May it be a simple birthday present to a mesmerizing engagement or wedding rings, prices will vary depending on the metal or diamonds used to produce a total stand-out piece of jewelry.

Why jewelry tarnishes?

Jewelry can become tarnished and deteriorate over time. Tarnish on sterling silver is usually a common cause. This is due to the process caused by oxidization and moisture from air and sunshine, as well as contact with chemicals such as deodorant, perfume, hairspray, bleach, and lotion. The presence of moisture in the air could also increase the tarnish in silver. At the same time, the acidity level of a person can accelerate tarnishing. Gold jewelry tarnishes at a slower pace. To clean, simply use warm water to wash the jewelry piece gently and then dry with a soft cloth.

Why jewelry turns skin green?

Many people say that the reason why the skin turns green is because of cheap jewelry. Is that true? Not entirely. Can it be an allergic reaction? Well, this is not typically always the case. Through sweating, e The reason behind the skin turning green is because of the reaction of the metal to your skin. It can be because your skin has some chemicals like lotion, that reacted with your accessory. This often happens when the jewelry is made of copper, but even so, silver and gold metals can end up having discolorations. The presence of copper can make your skin green, but there's no need for you to worry about it. It is not harmful, and there's nothing wrong with it.

Why is jewelry inappropriate to wear in the kitchen?

It is always not advisable to wear jewelry when you're working in the kitchen. We understand that we want to appreciate the beauty of the jewelry that was given. Still, there are cases that jewelry may accidentally drop into your food, causing it to create contamination issues. Also, if you're wearing a ring, you will not be able to thoroughly wash your hands.

Why jewelry smell?

Wearing specific jewelry for a special event will always make you feel good and noticeable. But knowing that your jewelry has a bad smell isn't a good deal at all. Over time, as jewelry gets exposed to air or other chemicals, it tends to develop an unpleasant odor that can truly distract you. Oxidation normally speeds up the process of tarnishing with all metals. One of the main factors that jewelry smells is the metal itself. When metal interacts with the skin, it starts to develop a reaction that can, in latter times, cause bad smells. It can be because of the lotion you put on, your perfume, body oils, or can be as simple as some left food particles. 

For you to get rid of the smell, here are some tips that you can do.

Soak with Vinegar or Warm water 

» All you have to do is simply soak your jewelry within 30 minutes to allow it to be deodorized. After that, wash it and dry for it to create a sparkly clean finish.

Baking soda solution 

» Take a little water and combine it with baking soda, then gently rub it to your jewelry. You can leave it for a few minutes and wash and dry with a cloth or let it dry by itself.

Mild soap 

» One of the simplest steps that you can do to clean your jewelry is to create a solution with mild soap and water and carefully, you can use a toothbrush to remove the dirt on small corners of the jewelry as well as the odors.

Jewelry Cleaner 

» If all else fails and still the odor won't be removed with simple home remedies, you can purchase a jewelry cleaner at most drugstores to provide a gorgeous solution for cleaning your item.

A thoughtful act would surely mean a lot. As they say, small boxes bring great happiness! Don't just sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darlings! :)

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