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The Diary of the Diamond Stud Earring

The Diary of the Diamond Stud Earring

Sometimes, our fashion looks just don't get the right effect without some of our dazzling jewelry pieces. Having a fine amount of sparkle and shine can transform a simple outfit into a most beautiful one. I cannot leave the house without some of my trinkets on. I am still at the amazement of the magic of jewelry and how cool they can be. One of the most famous jewelry loved by many is the diamond stud earring. These earrings are simple and beautiful, and they carry just the right amount of statement for anyone's look. 

A most prized possession by most of the celebrities, this timeless fashion accessory, can make anyone look like a queen. If you're planning on investing in something that will last your whole life through, the diamond stud earring is the best choice for you. So we would like to dedicate this blog to the diamond stud earrings. As our companion in fashion and life, we would like to offer a make-believe dedication to a fashion accessory that has seen us through the years. This is the diary for the diamond stud earrings.

September 22, 1978

Mom called me just after my birthday dinner. She told me that I need to meet a new companion for my 12th birthday. Alright, I thought I might be getting a puppy. Those were my first thoughts because she said you will always be with me in every aspect of my life. You will see me through the most important events, and you will always be there to help me. That was kind of deep for me, to be honest. I guess I just really want a puppy. Then she went to her room, took out a fancy looking box, and gave it to me with sparkling eyes. 

Oh, a box and not a puppy. Well, that's okay. So, I opened it, not very eager to be honest, and saw a cute box with Tiffany and Co's name. So I opened the box and found two sparkly earrings. I looked at my mom with eyes that asked, "What am I gonna do with this?" Moms are mind readers. She just laughed and assured me I would one day need you. You're beautiful, and she said your name is diamond stud earrings. Okay, you are now my diamond stud earrings. I still don't know yet when to use you because cool kids in my school wear colorful and geometric, chunky earrings, and you just don't fit the crowd yet. I'll soon see when I will get to use you. Mom finally convinced me to wear you. 

I must admit I was quite adamant about using you because you seem too flashy for my age. But Mom insisted that I looked dazzling with you, and you will go well with my electric blue gown. I went all over the city to find a piece of perfect jewelry to match this crazy gown shade I have, and when I thought that all hope was lost, my mom took out the box again. Yes, I got to admit that I neglected you for a while. She was so proud when she saw me wearing you. In my part, I was relieved to have found jewelry that saves me from looking like a complete mess. 

When I got to the place of the Prom Night, my date said I look so classy with my gown and jewelry. I was quite shocked at that because Mom and I had a little disagreement because she tried to tell me that I should only wear you because you're enough. I wanted to wear the gold bangle I got for Valentine's. I think Mom made a great suggestion, and my friends say my diamond stud earrings are just the right jewelry my gown needs. I might be making you a fashion staple now. Just know, I went out on a first date after graduation. I am currently working as an associate for a top-rated Accounting Firm. I need to look dignified and sophisticated in this place. I wore you one time, and one of the senior associates said I looked amazing. He was wondering if I think I could fancy a blind date. 

I accepted because a blind date won't hurt, right? I feel that my workmates know who this guy is because they keep on convincing me to go out with him. After all, he's a great guy. Well, that did not calm my nerves. I don't know the taste of this guy. He suggested we go to a theater show, and I was caught off guard. I did not know what to do. I only had a little black dress and did not want to spend significant cash on a blind date. I then remember my mother's words, "Diamond stud earrings are the only accessory you need to look like royalty!" So I went with the little black dress and you, diamond stud earrings, and I felt like a million dollars. 

Even my date was tongue-tied, modesty aside, and he also said I was stunning. Mother knows best, indeed. It's almost two years since Josh and I started going out, and I cannot thank you enough for saving me during that first date. Wearing you with my little black dress was probably the best decision I made for my dating life. After we had that first date, Josh asked me out once more, and I cannot count how many times I wore you during the next periods that followed. And tonight, he invited me once more to this romantic place. 

There was a lot of fancy music and sweet candle arrangements. I wore a sparkly peach dress, and I wore you, too. I thought we were just going out, but then suddenly, all the focus went to me. I was shocked. My family was there, my friends showed up, and everyone was teary-eyed. I was still so confused until Josh bent on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was dumbfounded and shocked for a moment. After it occurred to me that he was proposing, I quickly asked him to stand so he can hear my resounding YES. I am so filled with excitement and happiness tonight. I can't wait to start my life with this fantastic guy. 

This day, I walked the aisle to seal my commitment to the love of my life. I know that I'm the happiest bride. Everything was so perfect, so serene, and so magical. I loved my gown and my hair. Josh said I made him fall in love again. I blushed throughout the ceremony. Everyone said the dress looks like it was something made, especially for me. Some of the stylists we hired offered me different jewelry to wear for the ceremony. I did not want to wear anything to you. So I insisted that I wear you instead of their other suggestions. For my wedding, I can proudly say that I walked the aisle wearing diamond stud earrings. 

It was Aubrey Hepburn's style, and Josh kept telling me about it. Diamond stud earrings have always been a fantastic part of my life. You have made me felt like a princess in some of my most challenging times, and now you helped me look like a queen for my wedding. I am so glad my Mom gave me you when I was 12. You will forever be treasured.

August 19, 2005

I think it is safe to say this time is goodbye. My daughter just turned 12, and, like tradition, I will now give you to her. She is a smart, lovely young woman. I am sure she will not be able to appreciate you now, but you will be unique when the right time comes. I know because I have been there. I will surely miss wearing you, but I know that a great life awaits my daughter if she has you. Thank you, diamond stud earrings, for being there in the most special times of my life. I will forever be grateful for your fashion help.

August 20, 2005

Hi, it's my 12th birthday, and my mom gave you to me. I was expecting a new CD by Destiny's Child, but she gave you instead. I am not yet sure how to use you, but she said I would be thanking her soon. I am excited to wear you soon. I can't wait what holds for us. A diamond stud earring is timeless. It can continue through generations and generations. It has the undeniable power to make any age beautiful. 

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, and best friends should stay forever. The durability of the diamond stud earrings lasts a lifetime and more. Go on, get yourself some, and experience an exciting fashion and style. Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darlings.

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