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The Best Birthstone Jewelry Ideas for December

The Best Birthstone Jewelry Ideas for December

The last month of the year carries with it one of the best gemstones. All the December birthstones go with the month's weather: these December gemstones are cool-colored and regal in all angles. The birthstones of December are topaz, zircon, tanzanite, and turquoise. These beautiful birthstones also make ravishing gemstone jewelry pieces that carry many important meanings in them. If you're a December baby and you want to find a birthstone jewelry piece, take a look at our list of December birthstone jewelry pieces you should have.

1. Turquoise

First on our list is the lovely turquoise birthstone. This gemstone is often associated with the summer and spring seasons (Hello, boho fashion!). Who would have thought that it's a December gemstone? Nonetheless, there's no question that turquoise jewelry pieces are a favorite to many. This December, flaunt your birthstone with these four gorgeous turquoise accessories. Are you a fan of simple fashion? Then, this first jewelry option is for you. A piece of turquoise jewelry is a great way to add a pop of color to your fashion ensemble this wintertime. This lovely turquoise ring is perfect bling for everyday wear. Just throw it with any desired outfits, and you're good to go. The turquoise and gold combination is one for the books, and you better have one right now. If you're born in the cold month of December and are looking for a classy pair of earrings, you're lucky.

Just spice up by adding a bit of sparkle to your favorite turquoise gem, and you get yourself one of the classiest December birthstone jewelry. We are in love with this turquoise jewelry piece. It's perfect for winter weddings, for special events, for charity balls! A pair of dangling turquoise earrings can always come in handy when you need to look classy! One of the reasons why the turquoise is such a bestseller every summer and springtime is its versatility in necklace layering. Boho lovers and other fashion mavens love the effect turquoise has on necklace layering. The winter season is also a time for layering. Get on to the layering trend by getting yourself a turquoise necklace and layer it with your favorite gold accessories. To make the most out of your style, you can go all out with your turquoise accessories. Layer your favorite aqua-inspired jewelry together and remind your folks of summer's beauty while you are in winter. It doesn't hurt to go all out with your birthstone jewelry. This winter, gather all your favorite raw gemstone pieces and look beautiful as a summer goddess. You will enjoy this look, we're sure.

2. Tanzanite

This enchanting stone is sure to capture the eyes and hearts of those who will see you wearing it. As beautiful as the sapphire gem, this December birthstone comes at a much affordable price. Are you looking for an alternative for the expensive deep blue gem? Then, this is the answer. Here are some of the irresistible tanzanite jewelry pieces you need to get your hands on. This fall and winter season calls for an upgraded office fashion. Are you still curious about what you should get to give the nod to your month's birthstone? For all the December office girls out there, you can get this pretty tanzanite brooch. This majestic looking accessory is perfect to wear to your formal appointments. Flaunt your style with this jewel! Are you planning to propose anytime soon? Are you planning to propose specifically this holiday season?

Make it more meaningful by giving her this lovely tanzanite engagement ring. If colored engagement rings are what you are looking for, give the tanzanite engagement ring a try. It's an affordable but equally beautiful copycat to a sapphire engagement ring. Propose with flair with tanzanite! This holiday season, it's inevitable that there will be many holiday parties here and there. Sometimes, finding an accessory that can go with your outfit choice can be quite a challenge. If you are looking for versatile jewelry to match your change of outfits, this pair of tanzanite dangling earrings is for you. It can be your official earring of choice because they will truly make you look extra classy. Are you interested to break free from the usual diamond stud earring trend? Do you want to add color to your life by using your birthstone? You can do so by going for this lovely pair of tanzanite stud earrings. It's a fresh take of the stud earring trend. The classic look of this colored jewelry is enough to make anyone stop and stare. Bring out your new fashion statement with this pair of tanzanite earrings.

3. Zircon

The third birthstone jewelry for December is the zircon. Although of extremely beautiful qualities, this gemstone is often associated with the title "diamond copycat" or "diamond simulant." Nonetheless, this birthstone for December is a beauty of its own, as evidenced by the dazzling jewelry made out of it. Are you looking for a winter-inspired brooch for the holiday fashion or as a holiday gift? Well, we have good news for you. You can get a zircon brooch! You will love it. It can add an ethereal, almost magical touch to your everyday wear. Whether it comes in blue or white, a good zircon brooch is a classy accessory for your wardrobe of choice. If you are also looking for a great Christmas jewelry gift for the people closest to you, this gorgeous zircon pendant is perfect. This somehow reminds me of Queen Elsa from the movie "Frozen."

This lovely pendant set in sterling silver captures the winter season's beauty candidly; this jewelry truly represents the snow and the cool season. Start the hunt for this one-of-a-kind gemstone jewelry now. One of the hottest pieces of jewelry in the market is the religious jewelry. Whether it be cross pendants or cross necklaces, they are in demand right now. If you are looking for the same thing and are born in December, this precious blue and clear zircon cross pendant are for you. It sends a baroque vibe and pretty much perfect. Did you know that the ancients believed that Zircon could bring power, wisdom, and prosperity to its wearer? What another way to welcome the new year than by getting a zircon bead necklace? Invite prosperity to your life and beauty to your fashion look with this lovely zircon bead necklace.

4. Topaz

Last but not least, we have the topaz birthstone. This is considered one of the most popular birthstone jewelry for December, and there is good reason to be. Not only is it very pretty, but it has a lot of special meanings, too. All the more reason why you need to get some topaz jewelry pieces this winter season. The fall and winter season are also the perfect moments to pop the question. If your wife-to-be celebrates her birthday in December, one thing you can get as a ring to propose to her is this topaz engagement ring. Topaz carries with them such stunning brilliance. They're sleek, classy, and don't cost as much as a diamond ring. This is the ring to go for your December baby!

December is not only meant for lovers, but it's also the best time for the gift-giving season. Still curious about what to get for your teenage girl? We found this lovely topaz ring that we're sure she will love. Its enchanting design and the sparkle on it is enough to catch your princess' fancy. This fantasy inspired ring is the ring to go for this Christmas season. She will love this for sure. Did you know that if one is looking for a cheaper alternative for a diamond stud earring, they're referred to the topaz? Yes, in reality, topaz is one of the gemstones that can copy the diamond's look. If you want to give yourself the gift of pretty, sparkly stud earrings, the topaz earrings are your best choice. They look lovely, but they don't cost a ton. Where can you get a better deal than that?

Without a doubt, the birthstones of December are indeed a beauty. When it comes to them being jewelry, they are unparalleled. This Christmastime, you can also get the person you love (could be another or yourself) the gift of birthstone jewelry. Nothing beats the beauty of personalized jewelry. Find the best gemstone and birthstone bling only from We sell high quality but affordable gem jewelry. You will not regret it. Come on now and dig in. Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling.

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