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Top Spring Jewelry Trends

Top Spring Jewelry Trends

Winter days are soon to be over, and we will all be saying goodbye to our layering staples, our sleek boots, and our favorite coats that fashion will even envy. In no time, we will cast our dark hues aside and kiss our burgundy lipstick adieu. Winter and dark days are over, but the fashion world never stops to excite because new and uber-chic trends will soon enter the fashion scene. Fashion designers mostly dictate how the trends will look like and what fashion staples would feature.

In the Spring 2016 fashion trends, our dear fashion designers did not disappoint. Surely, we all have something to look forward to this coming spring season. Of course, we don't want you to wait until the spring season to see the hottest jewelry trends that will surely dominate the market. In this article, we gathered our seven favorite Spring 2016 jewelry trends that make us say ooh la la.


First on the list is the brooch that will be booming in. I just can't get enough of the designs of this fashion accessory. The brooch truly is one of the popular jewelry trends in spring that will surely captivate the jewelry market. I love how detailed the look is. I am a fan of everything sparkly and colorful, and the designs of these brooches shout "SPRING!" in volumes. This brooch will surely suit your taste if you love the spring season because you can flaunt your brightest and most festive colors. Pair the sparkly brooch with your most fashionable office wear and prepare to dazzle like the lady boss that you are.

A brooch can also liven up a little black dress, so, if you love LBDs, you will love this jewelry too. Not a fan of bulky, sparkly brooches? A new trend of matte gold brooches is invading the market. These brooches come in unique geometric shapes and sizes, making them versatile to any fashion look you are going to wear. Donning some brooch will surely add an extra special touch to your outfit with this famous spring fashion accessory.


You name it all, geometric, colorful, monochromatic, and sparkly, you name it all, and these spring fashion staples have it all. The show-stopping bracelets just proved once more that the fashion world never stops evolving. It continues to recreate and innovate. Just take the geometric bangle as an example. One of the most popular spring jewelry trends, this geometric bangle is a classic yet fun accessory for everyday wear.

They add dimension to the overall look, whether you are dressing up for the office or leaving for a party. The sterling silver handcuff, on the other hand, is a signal that the spotlight is not only meant for the gold material, and silver is not only for the wintertime. Look how gorgeous it looks in contrast with the white outfit. This timeless jewelry piece is a must for fashion aficionados who love the classic, versatile jewelry pieces.

Pears also take center stage in the spring fashion scene but with a little twist. Swaying away from the usually muted theme of the pearl jewelry, this one has sparkling stones on it. The designers added a pop of color to the usual gold bangles by adding a hanging ring of colorful fringes. Things will be so exciting in the springtime with these gorgeous jewelry additions.


Was it only me, or were you also told before that you set the ring aside when you have a bracelet? If you have a ring, leave the bracelet or bangles home. I'm sure I am not the only one who has heard that pseudo-rule before. Right now, I think it does not apply. The runway models for the spring jewelry trends and fashion trends strutted the runway with an elaborate and exquisite bangle and ring duet. Watch out, ladies, this ring, and bangle tandem will be a hit to many.

I love how they make a hand look so regal and sophisticated. Think of the freedom of jewelry choices when you get to choose what ring to pair with your bangles; it would be so much fun. I love how this runway jewelry shows us firsthand how to master the ring and bangle duet. I am in love with the baroque-inspired style; they are loud but not overwhelming. It is just a perfect combination of detail and class. 

Also, another style that takes inspiration from Egyptian art, is a fierce one. It is an ideal accent to clothes of basic shades. Another style featuring an Aztec-inspired duet is an inspiration; I love how simple yet complementing it looks. Not everyone is a fan of this fashion style, but surely, it will be a different story.


Planning to go to Coachella, and are still wondering what accessories to incorporate in your outfit for the music festival? Well, it is time for you to stop fretting around. I have found a spring jewelry trend that will surely serve its purpose for the two Coachella weekends. Check out the gorgeous bronze headpiece donned by models during the spring fashion week. I love how this makes you look like a character out of a Greek storybook. This headpiece is fit for a goddess and is perfect if you want to channel a goddess look on Coachella days.

A strong, sterling silver headpiece will also do the trick if you are not a fan of bronze or golden hues. Its cool shade and cuts are perfect for a laid-back, breezy outfit. If silver is your vibe yet you do not want to look over-accessorized, opt for this silver band headpiece that is equally tres chic. If you're going to let your Bohemian spirit shine, the floral headpiece is a perfect choice for you. Nothing shouts, "I'm a flower child" than this beautiful, intricate, flowered headpiece. Stand out from the crowd by donning these one-of-a-kind headpiece designs. You will surely be the Spring Queen of the festivals.


The Attack of the Colors! Great news for anyone out there who's been dying to stow away the gold jewelry. This perfectly passes the fashion rigor of the fall season. During fall or wintertime, wearing fun and multi-colored jewelry pieces is not very easy. Most of us are dying to have our crazy but gorgeous jewelry pieces back what is more exciting than looking forward to the springtime with these ethereal necklaces from the spring fashion runway. I just can't get enough of these superb designs. The geometric necklace is to-die-for!

Remember the times when you rummage through your jewelry box for the perfect statement necklace for the office? Yep, me, too. I always have a hard time looking for that, but this dashing geometric choker solves all our problems. It gives out a classy yet very edgy vibe. Perfect for modern women. The unique African-inspired necklace is beautiful, too. The duo-chrome necklace from Louis Vuitton runway reminds me of springtime romances. The floral necklace from J. Crew can be inaugurated as the official fall accessory. Floral is indeed for spring, and it's high time for us to hoard on some floral-inspired accessories.


Is someone playing the Macarena song in the background? I feel like I just want to go out and play the maracas. I love spring so much. I love the influx of colors, the freedom to wear a flowing dress, maxis, sun rays, my large hat, and the list goes on and on. I can't wait to wear my neons and pinks and oranges. However, aside from these babies, I am more excited about these festive earrings, I saw flaunted in the spring fashion week. These ear-loving accessories are insane and beautiful at the same time.

Just look at how the baroque-style earrings are transformed into festive jewelry through bright, playful colors? Chains aren't leaving us yet; they are still part of the spring fashion and jewelry trends. Geometric designs are taking center stage, and they deserve to be in there. I am loving these earrings and can't wait to try them on and flaunt them with my favorite summer dresses.


Goodbye, stacked rings! Hello, bright, bold, finger trinkets! We'll soon be saying adieu to our favorite stacked ring style. Spring fashion trend introduces one very attractive ring style: chunky, bright, and colorful. These are the perfect finger candy because they are a statement. If you are not a fan of wearing too many fashion accessories, having these is enough. Play with color options and let the fun of spring take a major part in your fashion style.

Spring? It's already right around the corner, but it will not hurt if we start saving for the most fashionable time of the year. Gather up your spring jewelry, your sunblock, your colorful outfits, and enjoy the spring fever with style and beauty! Don't just sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darlings! :)

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