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Selena Gomez Instagram Jewelry and Fashion

Selena Gomez Instagram Jewelry and Fashion

"The Heart Wants What It Wants' singer, the beautiful Selena Gomez, was recently and officially hailed as the new Instagram queen. With 72 million followers, it is undeniable that this lady right here reaches people from all walks of life and in every nation, all getting fashion inspiration from her Instagram posts, style, and jewelry. Well, Justin Bieber's former lady beau is worthy of the follow because her style is one of Hollywood's most superior fashion tastes.

Since she has been hailed as Instagram's most-followed person, we took a trip down to memory lane to look into Sel's most gorgeous moments and how, we believe, she deserved to get Instagram's reward. Here are 13 of the best Selena Gomez Instagram fashion, style, and jewelry.

1. Slay that Vintage-beauty!

Remember that when our favorite girl, Selena Gomez, channeled a lady fresh from the 1970s with her pseudo-housewife hairstyle and her sexy off-the-shoulder top paired with her extravagant jewelry pieces? She's undeniably charming; she even gave a particular kind of justice to the gold jewelry pieces she wore. This girl can pull anything off at any minute; give her the right choices, and she'll come surprisingly you with a different kind of beautiful. Selena Gomez's jewelry and fashion are on point -- even if it took a vintage-themed beauty. How crazy is that?

2. Swag alert right there, folks!

Although Selena Gomez's Instagram posts often showcase her sweet, bubbly side, she can also pull off a gangster side. She showed it to everyone when she posed a red and black plaid shirt and an enormous diamond choker on her neck to seal the deal. We know how Hollywood stars adore jewelry, and it seems like Selena Gomez is no exception. And Sel can pull off that bad girl pose, especially that she had that one sparkly bling on. Whoever would dare wear a fancy accessory with a plaid shirt? Well, it seems like Selena had, and Selena can.

3. Angel in Emeralds

Yes, Selena can pull off the fun, quirky, even hard rock side of hers, but there's one department wherein this girl undeniably shines red carpet events. Let's admit it, guys. Selena Gomez's fashion and style have brought her numerous times to have the best-dressed list, and there's no sign that she's stepping down from that place anytime soon. And even though photographers have professional shots of her in her red carpet glory, this talented singer still preferred to take a personal shot to post on her Instagram account. Isn't she so chic? Her dress and her jewelry are totally on point.

4. Bold, Daring, and Beautiful.

If there are words that can perfectly describe Selena Gomez' style and fashion, those words would be: bold, daring, and beautiful. We have seen Selena shedding off that girl next door vibe through the years to take on more daring roles and personality, and boy did that risk pay off! Now, Selena is more serious about her career and reaching levels no ordinary Disney star can make. In one of her red carpet appearances, she donned this elegant black gown with a low cut neckline. To add drama to her look, she left all the talking to her luxurious-looking earrings. Way to go, Sel! Instagram is grateful for your little black dress fashion inspiration.

5. Beautiful Inside and Out

She's not only a famous singer; she is one inspiring individual as well. She can rock whatever outfit she can with whatever time of the day because she loves herself. Calling herself and advocate for self-esteem, Selena Gomez Instagram posts often involved photos that show respect for a person's skin, acceptance of flaws, and loving yourself totally for who you are. Selena is an excellent example of it and has received awards for her views. In one awards night, Sel showed everyone her girl power by putting on a sparkly silver gown and paired it with the silver chain necklace. She is an ethereal beauty that does not only run skin deep.

6. Flaunt it with that Little Black Dress!

During Victoria's Secret fashion show, one of the show organizers said that one thing they're proud of in that show was that the girls would be wearing authentic jewelry and luxurious lingerie. When we thought that the "girls" she was referring to are the models, Selena Gomez stepped in with an ensemble that left mouths opened. We eventually learned that Selena Gomez's jewelry also takes the cake. The fantastic singer flourished the whole runway with her hit single, a daring little black dress, some killer heels, and an eye-popping diamond embedded choker that took everyone's breath away. Adriana Lima agrees.

7. Stand out with the All-White Fashion!

Did you ever think Selena Gomez can only rock the little black dress? Well, her Instagram posts can prove you wrong. This girl, who has avoided the floral, colorful touches of fashion and style, stood out on the red carpet with a decent looking, all-white ensemble. She kept it all fresh and simple, but very chic and sophisticated. Her choice of wardrobe is sometimes astonishing. Her jewelry pieces are also TO DIE FOR. With just a simple addition of a statement ring, she added cool sophistication to her overall look. Wonderful, Sel. Just fantastic!

8. That Sweet 90's Fashion

As one of the most noteworthy members of Taylor Swift's chic squad, Selena Gomez also gave her Instagram followers a fashion sneak peek of her take on the grunge look. As we all know, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid should be thanked for bringing back a 1990's fashion accessory. The choker has re-established itself as one of the best fashion must-haves because of these two top models. Well, your favorite girl SG also has a take on the grunge look. But instead of the choker, Selena used a cross necklace and some dark jewelry pieces. She also showed her 90's girl spunk with her hair, hat, and ensemble.

9. A Runway Princess

In one of her Instagram posts, Selena Gomez posted this photo with a caption "Vera Wang, felt like a Princess." And oh, what a princess she is! Anyone would agree with me that Sel looked divine in the 2015 Met Gala with her clean, all-white Vera Wang gown paired with a hairstyle made even fancier by flowers. This look was made red carpet ready by her outstanding makeup, which featured her take on fierce, bold red lips. Let's not forget how her earrings (which, we're betting, are costly) made an exclamation point for her overall ensemble. No wonder everyone was hailing her look that night!

10. Quirky Style

Just look how bubbly our favorite girl is! What is nice about her is that she shows her spontaneous look to her fans, which probably made us love her more. Selena Gomez's Instagram style and theme often involved quirky and spectacular at the same time. And what is excellent also, is that she offers us fashion inspirations here and there. Do you want to look like a legit celebrity superstar when it comes to jewelry and clothes? Visit Selena Gomez's Instagram and relish on her great choices and pieces. Just take these cute pearl earrings, for example. Isn't she a darling?

11. Want to follow a fashion superstar?

Gold is beautiful, and Selena Gomez knows that exactly. In one of her hazy Instagram shots, the singer posted this sharp and beautiful selfie with layered gold necklaces. Swag much? Swag, yes! Perhaps Justin Bieber needs some sunglasses to prevent the brightness of his ex-girlfriend. We love how she makes an ordinary selfie look with too much luxury. Selena Gomez is indeed worthy of the "follow" button.

12. Effortless Glamour

And last but not least, this glamorous shot from one of her luxurious appearances. Who could not look at this girl with admiration just basing on the look that she is donning here? She is blessed with a young, baby-faced facade, but her overall features are also magnetic. She effortlessly strutted her stuff with her favorite little black dress, and complemented it with sparkly earrings and statement ring; it's easy to see how she can dominate any event with grace and total style. If you are going to attend a special occasion anytime soon, and you want to upgrade the look of your little black dress, refer to Selena Gomez's Instagram shots and prepare to shine with glamor.

Instagram truly has a lot to offer to us from food, fashion, and aesthetics. But if you want to get the best out of your Instagram love, follow Selena Gomez and get the best of all-fashion, makeup, and jewelry. If you want to look fabulous, take inspiration from this girl who always stands out. To get the best jewelry pieces, check out's collection that even celebrities would approve. Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling like Selena, darling!

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