Add some sparkle to your wardrobe with these 12 rose gold jewelry pieces. Upgrade your look with this classy color of the year.

12 Rose Gold Jewelry Pieces That'll Upgrade Your Style!

Add some sparkle to your wardrobe with these 12 rose gold jewelry pieces. Upgrade your look with this classy color of the year.

Rose gold has quickly become one of the most elegant and popular colors; this tone can be seen almost anywhere! We know the shade of rose gold from jewelry pieces to cases, even in the iPhone 6. This color, a combination of two metals -- copper and gold alloy -- always looks so elegant and classy that its physical attributes all give reasons this shade is all over the place. Pantone has also named rose gold the year's color and Pink Quartz, another dazzling color. Weddings and other formal events have embraced rose gold as their theme. Since it is considered this year's It color, you surely want to incorporate it into your wardrobe. Here are 12 rose gold rings, earrings, necklaces, and pendants, that are too fancy to handle and can surely upgrade your style. Take a look and fall in love!

1. It can blend perfectly with a gold, white gold, or sterling silver setting.

12 Rose Gold Jewelry Pieces That'll Upgrade Your Style!

Also, the great thing about it is, it looks perfect with colored gems, too. This beautiful rose gold ring with a morganite stone and some little pink details show perfection. Nothing spells romantic more than this ring. The embedded diamonds also emphasize the beauty of the rose gold tone. Since the dawn of the rose gold ring, guys, out to propose to their girls are inclined to prefer this unique and romantic color over all the traditional engagement rings in the market. One look at this ring gives a reason.

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2. A great gift to give yourself!

12 Rose Gold Jewelry Pieces That'll Upgrade Your Style!

How about you make this rose gold and morganite ring a fashion staple? Throw away the misconceptions that ring as pretty as this one can only be used during proposals. You can have this gorgeous ring all by yourself, too. Give your precious fingers some romantic touch with this rose gold beauty. This one-of-a-kind rose gold ring can be used in so many styles. It is a perfect match for a little black dress or even with your suit for a business meeting. Conquer fashion and style with this gorgeous addition to your jewelry box!

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3. One rock is a beauty, but three is a wonder.

12 Rose Gold Jewelry Pieces That'll Upgrade Your Style!

If you want to pop the question soon, go for this fantastic three-rock morganite and rose gold ring. She will surely fall in love with the look of this ring, and you will fall for the price of this jewelry. Rose gold and morganite rings are less expensive than white gold and pure diamond, but the difference is not that much quality-wise. If you see your girl as a vintage-loving chick, it will make her knees weak. Hurry, thrill her with love, and upgrade her style with this rose gold engagement ring!

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4. A One-of-a-Kind Piece

12 Rose Gold Jewelry Pieces That'll Upgrade Your Style!

The last piece of jewelry in our rose gold ring collection is this jaw-dropping accessory that features a morganite stone, diamonds in a halo, and a rose gold band setting. This one-of-a-kind ring is for the bride who loves the 1950s and everything fashionable during that era. And even if you're not a bride, you can have this, too. This ring can be your fashion's power weapon in grace and beauty. If you want to channel vintage fashion, you can do so with the help of this gorgeous ring. Turn the sophistication on with this charming rose gold ring, and you will surely stand out. You deserve it!

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5. Let's add those Earrings!

12 Rose Gold Jewelry Pieces That'll Upgrade Your Style!

Nothing can make any outfit look more upgraded than a pair of exquisite and unique earrings. What more if the earrings are such rare beauty? This dangling earring from is made of white gold and rose gold metals, and the result of these two metals is to die for. This rose gold earring can look terrific on anyone. Think about the little black dress and how it can pop with this charming addition. You can also use these earrings on a casual day, a casual date, or any day you want to shoot an OOTD for your Instagram followers. Whatever outfit you wear, this classy jewelry will undoubtedly make you look more captivating.

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6. Beautiful Dangles!

12 Rose Gold Jewelry Pieces That'll Upgrade Your Style!

Still not sure if rose gold jewelry pieces fit you? Or perhaps you can't get enough of your golds and silvers that it seems like rose gold jewelry is a bit overwhelming for you? Well, fret not. This stunning piece from, dangling earrings with tones of gold, silver, and rose gold, is perfect for those still experimenting with rose gold jewelry. Since spring is just around the corner, you better get your hands on this, as it is an appropriate addition to your spring fashion necessities. I am sure you have to love this fantastic rose gold jewelry, and they don't get better than this. These rose gold earrings are perfect for a go-to woman like you!

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7. Rose Gold Earrings

12 Rose Gold Jewelry Pieces That'll Upgrade Your Style!

If you want to see jewelry's modern take on art deco jewelry pieces and baroque-inspired accessories, then go for rose gold earrings because they are the bomb, no doubt about that. Check out these jaw-dropping rose gold earrings from You can get a jewelry piece that can make art deco ladies green with envy at such a low price. We are in love with the intricate details of these earrings. The diamonds that surround the pink stone also add class and elegance to this accessory. This rose gold earring is a steal, especially if you want the best but affordable one. You can wear these trinkets everywhere you go!

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8. Show off your rose gold jewelry on your special day!

12 Rose Gold Jewelry Pieces That'll Upgrade Your Style!

Regarding bridal jewelry, no one ever forgets rose gold accessories. Not only because they look so classy and sophisticated but because they can fit any bride perfectly. And just picture rose gold with wedding fancies; does it not look oh-so-romantic? If you're a bride or someone who will attend a wedding anytime soon, don't forget to look at fancy rose gold jewelry like this one from These rose gold drop earrings are simple but unquestionably fashionable. This trinket is a great addition to your wedding look, making you look A+ without trying too hard.

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9. Awareness Pendant

12 Rose Gold Jewelry Pieces That'll Upgrade Your Style!

Do you always want to support a cause, but you feel like wearing a particular symbol sometimes doesn't match the outfit of your choice? Then, there's nothing to worry about now. You can wear your support without compromising style (in fact, you can look more stylish than ever), and introducing this rose gold awareness pendant from I suddenly fell in love with this pendant's look and how it keeps the integrity and particular cause within the symbol despite its more stylish take. You can support someone you love or give cancer patients this beautiful and fashionable gift of compassion and love.

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10. Rose gold pendants are also fashionably beautiful.

12 Rose Gold Jewelry Pieces That'll Upgrade Your Style!

These pendants look chic, subtle, and just enough to complement and make any outfit look sophisticated. We are in love with rose gold pendants that are three-in-a-row. These pendants remind me of old country walks and garden dates, the kind of beauty that is simple but very captivating. So if you like rose gold pendants as much as we do, go for this one. To add more beauty, use a rose gold chain necklace, too. You will never go wrong!

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11. Link jewelry conquering the fashion

12 Rose Gold Jewelry Pieces That'll Upgrade Your Style!

Who would not love chain jewelry when stars like Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and even top models like Cara Delevigne and Miranda Kerr swore by this jewelry? If you want a unique take on this jewelry, try this tri-tone chain necklace from; it's like getting three trinkets in one necklace. I love the regal look evident in the combination of these tones. We can't get enough of this jewelry and how this can be worn in any outfit you want to rock on any day!

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12. Flaunt that fierce accessory!

12 Rose Gold Jewelry Pieces That'll Upgrade Your Style!

Last but not least is this sexy chain necklace of gold and rose gold. I am betting you haven't seen anything like this, have you? But this fashion-forward necklace is a fierce accessory, I must say. Just look at how the rose gold and gold tones complement each other. I imagine this looking runway-worthy with a fresh white top or an all-black ensemble. This Hollywood-worthy jewelry can upgrade your street style. Plus, you can wear it with whatever outfit! Isn't this necklace quite a steal?

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Rose gold jewelry pieces are the thing to buy right now. This mesmerizing color of the year fits any style, look, and skin tone. Grab the best rose gold earrings, bracelets, pendants, rings, and necklaces from You are assured that you will get the quality without the high price. Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling.

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