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Popular Jewelry Trend: Chain Link Bracelets

Popular Jewelry Trend: Chain Link Bracelets

Gone were the days when chain link jewelry pieces were associated with gangsters and thugs. Today, it has become a favorite jewelry trend for both men and women. The way it could make an outfit look sophisticated without trying so hard captivates a lot of fashion aficionados. They also come in different designs that fit anyone's style. If you're feeling like a lady boss, you can pair a gold chain necklace. If you want to channel the cool, confident look, get the help of a chain bracelet. This blog will see some of the best designs of chain link bracelets that could suit any style and personality. Take a look and enjoy!

1. Just because you are the big boss of a company doesn't mean that you can't be fashionable.

With this sleek metal buckle bracelet round chain bracelet, you can turn your everyday office wear into something that is a sure lady magnet. Increase your confidence without compromising your trademark look with this dark buckle bracelet. With its versatility, pair it with your favorite tuxedo or your casual suit for a more relaxed occasion. If you are a guy who seeks the thrill of adventures, this accessory can also jive with your lifestyle! Channel elegance without the high price.

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2. This bracelet style has undeniably, garnered the attention of famous male stars, too.

We all know that when talking about male fashion, looking suave equals simplicity. Forget about multi-colored bangles that make people think you're more of a style upset than a resident fashionista. So, if you like a perfect complement to your wardrobe with a touch of the all-time classic black, go for this stainless steel link bracelet for men. The best thing about this piece is that it would always make you look (and feel, of course) immensely presentable. So, go ahead and indulge.

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3. We can't blame you if you want to go all dark.

We have to admit it: it seems like all women easily fall for the mysterious guy. Plus, black appears to make anyone look cool, calm, collected. So, there is no denying that black accessories are a big hit for men. Now, they're not only loving black bracelets; they specifically relish the looks of men's link bracelets. If you're always on the rush and always wanting to find something you can rock 5 minutes from heading to the door, this extraordinary link bracelet is for you!

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4. But black isn't the only thing that dominates a male wardrobe.

The brown color qualifies to the cut, too. If you are a guy who loves the outdoors, who thinks the perfect place to stay in the cabin, and who considers the best date time with nature, this brown link bracelet is for you. Perfect for your office, ideal for a date, and totally a great accessory to come with you on your hunting adventures. Looking rough does not mean looking ridiculous, so amp up your fashion look every day with this brown link bracelet. Be careful; you might catch a few stares from the ladies.

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5. If you want to wear something that looks like a cross of medieval and modern, this would be on your top pick.

I don't know why I said medieval, but I imagine knights IN SHINING ARMOR whenever I see stainless steel. Okay, pun intended; let's move on. But, if you want to bring that 15th-century class into your daily fashion staples. Get your hands on this sleek and super-perfect stainless steel link bracelet. Whether you are in a shiny tuxedo or just in casual shorts enjoying the sun, this accessory will give the exclamation point your outfit needs.

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6. If you're a guy who likes to incorporate random shapes and icons into your accessories, this will probably suit your taste.

Is poker your favorite game? Well, this link bracelet is like an edgy representation of the house of cards. Box, diamonds, spade-like shapes, isn't this reminding you of something? This jewelry might be considered a little too much by some men, but hey, if you love to add a touch of spice to your look, then rock this antiqued and polished link bracelet! Channel the guy who enjoys fun and adventure with this bracelet.

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7. Not a fan of gold? There's no need to worry.

Aside from the gold domination in the jewelry market, another metal is slowly taking popularity as well. Yes, ladies, the sterling silver bracelet is a thing, too. If you are a cool-toned lady and have this massive love for sterling silver jewelry pieces, you're in for a treat. Chain link bracelets in sterling silver are a beauty, too, as its gold counterparts. Whether you plan to wear them alone or with complementary jewelry, you are assured they can give you beauty without comparing.

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8. Sizzle up your night about town and your carefree getaways with this sterling silver circle bracelet with chain links.

If you're a go-to girl who seems to find accessorizing a tad bit time-consuming, then it's time to search for a fashion staple. None is too simple for fashion. If you think this isn't enough, let's altogether take some fashion tips from Angelina Jolie and Ashley Greene, both found sporting their circle bracelets with pride. What I love about this one are the little black beads holding the accessory together.

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9. Are you looking for beauty and quality when it comes to choosing chain link bracelets for women?

Jewelry pieces made from Cubic Zirconia are guaranteed to last with you for a long, long time. Accessories should not only come with a lovely design; they should be durable, too, like this Cubic Zirconia chain link bracelet from It has got an edgy design, is very sophisticated and is made with sturdy quality. So if you want a piece of trendy jewelry bound to last for a lifetime, make sure to stack up this bracelet in your jewelry box.

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10. Still can't choose whether you are to go for gold or silver?

Then, don't get puzzled anymore. With's duo-toned link bracelet, you can have the beauty of two metals in one. Isn't that great news when you're running late and can't make up what kind of accessories to wear? Pair this dazzling jewelry with your casual clothes or your office wear, and you're sure to stand out. So strut your stuff with this precious jewelry!

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11. Fierce, but beautiful!

Perhaps these words perfectly describe this beautiful creation from This sterling silver link bracelet comes in a unique design of multiple links combined. Whether you want to channel the cool city chick or the fierce modern gal, this jewelry will provide you with the fashion complement that you need. Oh, and did we mention that this accessory looks good on anyone? So sashay along the way with this jewelry extraordinaire! This trinket also blends perfectly with other jewelry, so you're in for a real treat.

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12. Last but not least, this dainty heart-shaped fancy link bracelet that comes in sterling silver.

This trinket is lovely in all its form. This bracelet reminds me of the classic Tiffany and Co. famous heart-shaped chain bracelet, but this just comes at a lower price. Whatever the age, every woman would surely love this bling; it's dainty, girly, and can be paired with any outfit. This heart-shaped accessory could be a fashion staple to anyone who loves all the girly stuff. So if you love heart-shaped things, this one is a match in heaven with you!

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These are just some of the stunning chain bracelets out there. Check out more of's collection to find a ton of beautiful chain jewelry! Enjoy and stand out! Indulge and discover! There are a lot of beauties to uncover! Keep sparkling!

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