Popular Bead Types for Jewelry Making

Popular Bead Types for Jewelry Making

When it comes to jewelry making, beads take center stage. Beads take different forms, shapes, and sizes. People love making bead jewelry because of the different types of beads they can use to create their masterpiece. If you're looking forward to creating a unique bead jewelry design, you'll fall in love with the different bead styles you can find like pearls, glass, plastic, Swarovski beads, shells, metals, Shamballa style beads, and semi-precious stones. Here are some of the most famous beads in the market and why you should choose them in your next jewelry-making activity.

1. Acrylic Beads

This type of bead is considered one of the most popular because it sums up the most available beads in the market. It is a term used for beads made of plastic or polymer materials, such as resin. What made these bead types so famous is its low price, light materials, and versatility to be used in different creations and projects. Quality-wise, it can be compared to glass beads and wooden beads.

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2. Charms

Another popular item in the market, charms (also known as memory beads), has become so in demand for jewelry and jewelry making. Used to make a memory immortal, these charms come in different designs, cuts, shapes, and sizes. Often made out of metal, cubic zirconia, or sterling silver, beads of this kind often come with hooks. These are easy-attached details to provide users with ease of changing their bead style from one look to another, giving honor to the charm bracelet trend people have loved since childhood.

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3. Crystal Beads

When glass beads of exceptionally high quality are cut into different shapes and facets, they are called crystal beads. Different cut designs are present among this kind of trinkets like rounds, rondelle beads, bicones, and Rivoli beads. One of the most well-liked types of crystal beads are the ones named Swarovski stones, glass beads cut, and given a facet to add additional glitter. A cheaper counterpart of the Swarovski stone is the Czech crystal. This bead is often used in adding sparkly details to wedding gowns and fancy accessories. Some are also used to add details to intricate jewelry and bling.

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4. Sequins

Sequin beads are little iridescent materials that often come in different shapes and sizes. Although not used commonly for jewelry making, it is commonly incorporated into gowns and tops to add that much-needed glitter. Sequins come in 4 types: flat, cups, pailette, and fancy. Flat sequins are the most common. On the other hand, Cup style has a bowl-like shape, also similar to pailette type beads. The last sequin kind is the fancy one. You can often see this in red carpet dresses from Hollywood stars. This kind of bead can boast of expensive materials!

5. Pearl Beads

One bead that is surely here to stay is the pearl bead. This fashion favorite has become a staple for women who love them a string of pearls. The most popular pearl beads are the ones produced from the fresh waters called freshwater pearls and its synthetic counterpart, the glass pearl beads. Freshwater pearls are naturally produced, making them more expensive. These types of pearls are used in more pricey jewelry creations. Glass beads, on the other hand, are used as its alternative since they are cheaper and more available in the market. However, both are equally loved in the jewelry making process.

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6. Wooden Beads

Unlike its other glitzier counterparts, wooden beads are trendy but are usually less preferred than luxurious-looking beads. Unfortunately, wooden beads have received a negative reception from some people because they seem to look cheap. However, talking about quality and durability, this type of bead jewelry is considered as one of the most durable and versatile. Also, unlike other delicate beads, wooden beads can be painted, drilled, dyed, molded into something, and even carved. How amazing is that? Wooden beads for jewelry making is a great choice, too.

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7. Shamballa Style Beads

Shamballa beads are made famous by the sudden rise of demand for Shamballa bracelets. These bracelets carry a deep, spiritual meaning with them, and every bead and color associated with them have significant meanings. Shamballa beads make up most of the design of these bracelets. So, what are Shamballa style beads? These beads are made up of clay and crystals. The base of this is clay made more sparkly by adding to it multiple Czech or crystal beads. These beads are then closely knotted together using the square knot technique to make its luster more noticeable.

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8. Pendants

A counterpart of charm for charm bracelets, pendants are often used to give more life and design to necklace jewelry. Pendants have evolved over the years, owning different styles and designs suited to any owners' taste. Often made out of metal, these accessories come in fun designs such as initial pendants, horizontal bar pendants, lockets, and other fancy looking items. Personalized pendants are quite popular in the market today. They come in gold, silver, cubic zirconia, gems, and other precious beads, and no necklace is complete without a pendant attached to it.

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9. Rivoli Beads

If you are looking for a unique bead in the market, you better search for Rivoli beads or jewelry made from Rivoli beads. We say it's unique because unlike other popular beads, this type usually has a pointed back. Because of this feature, it often has no hole in the middle to get the string through. Some have commented that in terms of design, this bead is not the most versatile one. However, when used well, and used appropriately, these Rivoli beads can create wonders to your design. Some creators have come up with the most extraordinary creations using this type of bead. Many tutorials on the internet can help you if you want Rivoli beads in your jewelry, making passion.

10. Pandora Style Beads

Pandora style bracelets won't be complete without their trademark beads. These beads are specially designed to fit the beauty of the famous Pandora bracelet. Their size ranges from 10mm to 20mm. They come in different designs, both traditional and new ones. The material used for these beads usually starts from the generic acrylic, pearl beads, glass beads, and up to the concrete replica found in a bracelet. What makes these beads stand out is that they are often embraced in threaded sections, a trademark of an original Pandora bracelet. It is safe to say that these bracelets and beads are indeed one of a kind.

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11. Seed Beads

Seed beads are one of the most numerous beads found in the market. The main feature of this bead is that it is usually a short glass bead, usually round in shape, which is heated to perfection (also known as smoothness). The most popular kind of seed bead is the Japanese bead, the top-notch quality bead. The next one is the Czech bead. The most affordable and less quality seed bead is the Chinese kind. Under the seed bead category, we can find numerous other types of beads, such as hex beads, delica beads, triangle beads, square beads, and cube beads. The most popular among all these types is the rocailles bead.

12. Delica Beads

Under the seed bead department, we can find the delica bead. Delica beads are also commonly known as Japanese beads. Those who know the division of seed beads know that Japanese beads are top quality and very valuable. The characteristic of these beads is in the shape of a perfect cylinder. Miyuki produces these glass beads. They come in two sizes, a size 11 and 8. These beads are the top choice for bead weaving and achieving patterns made of beads such as brick stitch, peyote, and square stitch. They look absolutely beautiful when placed flat.

13. Spacer Beads

In jewelry-making, jewelers always want their jewelry to stand out. When it comes to beads, jewelers know that these little beauties can add more shine and glamour to simple jewelry. One of the beads that are used to make a jewelry stand out more is the spacer bead. These beads are usually inserted in between other beads in a string to make it more stand out. These spacer beads can come in metal or glass material. Some of the unique designs of this kind of bead come in different, unique sizes, and some even look spectacular when wrapped with wire. Although not the main attraction in a bracelet, spacer beads do wonder in jewelry making!

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If you are into jewelry making, you will fall in love with beads. You can make many bead jewelry. You can even achieve exceptional beadwork. Bead jewelry has also become such a favorite in the fashion world, so you better take advantage of it. If you are still searching for a kind of bead jewelry with the most beautiful beads in town, visit IceCarats.com. You will be amazed by our collection! Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling!

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