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Perfect Bridal Earrings for Every Bridal Style

Perfect Bridal Earrings for Every Bridal Style

Every bride's dream is to look and feel like a Princess in her favorite bridal style. But looking like the most fashionable bride on your wedding day is not an easy task for every bride-to-be. It should always be perfect in every detail from the bridal gown to the hairstyle, to the jewelry. Although every wedding style differs (vintage theme, bohemian style, and contemporary bridal fashion), there are always jewelry pieces fit for it. We gathered 13 beautiful earrings that every girl can wear with whatever bridal style she wants. Take a look at this wedding jewelry guide and find one that fits you.

Bohemian Bride #1

One of the most popular wedding styles nowadays is the bohemian theme. Many women go for the Boho Bride look because it looks romantic, chic, and uniquely beautiful. The greatest thing about them is that they have a vintage touch in them, too. One of the sexiest bridal earrings perfect for the Boho Bride is the chandelier earrings with hints of bohemian color (turquoise, for example). These earrings complement the bridal style greatly as it can blend well with the ruffled, sexy hair that boho brides love. It also gives an exclamation point to the overall look without making the bride appear that she tried so hard.

Bohemian Bride #2

One of the most extravagant Bohemian weddings looks is the mermaid-inspired Bohemian style; it's sexy, daring, but truly romantic. Imagine the bride that gets married in the woods or the edge of a roaring sea. What else could make her look more dazzling and captivating than jewelry pieces that will make her look like a princess? The bridal earrings that will fit this bride so perfectly are pieces that have a touch of earth to it. Think of cream and off whites. Think of gems and pearls. We love the earrings that the bride is wearing here; they are elegant with vintage and bohemian touch—perfection in an earring.

Bohemian Bride #3

One of the favorite Bohemian hairstyles of brides is the Milk Maid braid. This braid gives a chance for the neck and other facial features of the bride to be exposed. This hairstyle is a perfect chance for a bride to use stand out earrings of romantic quality. We are in love with these long dangling earrings made of little gems and a hint of gold. It's a sexy way to still look dazzling and captivating on your wedding day without the overwhelming look. It's simplicity and elegance in one jewelry. There's nothing more perfect than this, I believe.

Bohemian Bride #4

The next Boho bride looks that we love taking inspiration from the gypsy fashion and springtime. When you combine these two inspirations, you will surely get something worth flaunting. If you are going to have a spring wedding and want to keep the Bohemian style alive in your celebration, opt for gold jewelry. Gold jewelry pieces at a wedding are unique and uncommon, making you stand out more. Add a little extra to your hair and give some gold earrings some wedding day love!

Vintage Bride #1

Another favorite style for brides is the vintage wedding style. Vintage weddings are both elegant and fashionable, and there's no denying that this style can make any bride look fabulous. Who does not want to be transported back to the glamorous times of the 1950s? Audrey Hepburn will approve! If you are a fan of the vintage look for your wedding, opt for the simple pearl drop earrings. They complement any vintage look a lot, whether the bride will have her hair up or down. Pearls never fail to deliver, so pearl earrings are a must for every vintage-loving bride.

Vintage Bride #2

There are two kinds of vintage brides: the simple bohemian one and the princess-type vintage one. If you are more of the princess-loving bride, you can choose a wide variety of earrings ranging from the simple diamond stud earrings to the extravagant chandelier earrings. One of the best bridal earrings we have seen so far perfectly fits the vintage-loving Princess Bride is the diamond and pearl drop earrings. Nothing shouts "romantic" more than this combination of two classic pieces. You will truly stand out as a spectacular bride with the diamond and pearl earrings. Isn't that fancy?

Vintage Bride #3

The most captivating bridal look that we have seen so far is this beautiful vintage lace gown with spring flowers ensemble. This photo reminds us of the garden brides that are undeniably beautiful in every angle. If you want a touch of romantic yet soft accent for your wedding day look, go for the gem dangling earrings in lady-like colors like rose gold or quartz pink. This choice of jewelry adds beauty to your look but does not take away your gown's sophistication and flowers. It offers the perfect complement to your wedding day fashion. Go, vintage girl!

Vintage Bride #4

The woman who coined the sentence "Diamond is a girl's best friend" belonged to the eras of the 1940s to 1960s. The vintage years found women who adored great jewelry pieces like pearls, colored gems, and, most of all, diamonds. There's an unspoken craze for diamond jewelry during these times. If you are a woman who loves diamond and want to incorporate the jewelry to your vintage ensemble, which is a great choice. Add more beauty and sophistication to your vintage look with sparkling diamonds like these pear-shaped diamond bridal earrings!

Modern Bride #1

Since the old age, women have this reputation of defying every fashion rule and innovating their looks. Bridal fashion is no stranger to those changes, and while women still love the vintage and bohemian look for their wedding day, some brides prefer to have a contemporary touch to their wedding day fashion. They want to break free from the traditional jewelry pieces that are always present in every bride's facade. If you are a modern bride who still wants to evoke sophistication and class, go for these diamond-embellished earrings. This trinket is excellent if your bridal look does only simple. This jewelry will steal some spotlight.

Modern Bride #2

Brides love diamonds, and even modern-day women just can't resist the beauty of a good diamond earring. Some contemporary brides eschew the over intricate, heavily-designed earrings that can often make someone look like an ornamental tree. To the modern chick, simplicity is the key. These pear-shaped diamond earrings are just what you need if you want to add a simple pop of something to your overall bridal style. Even though this accessory may look simple, nothing can beat this when making any look transform into something sophisticated. A diamond stud can help you go a long way!

Modern Bride #3

A modern bride is not afraid to become different. I have seen brides of different personalities all trying to look something different in their wedding day who took risks to make sure thy stand out than the rest of the other brides in existence. Some of their risks, well, eventually paid-off. The more unique the look, the more memorable the bride. If you want to be a non-conventional bride who still wants to look beautiful, come your special day, go for colored bridal earrings. Statement bridal earrings in turquoise (like the one in this photo) is a modern take on a vintage jewelry favorite!

Modern Bride #4

Have you ever thought of going for gems on your wedding day? I guess nothing is more romantic than that. To be honest, I always love to see a pop of color in every bride's fashion look. Plain white just doesn't do the trick anymore. If you love to have a baroque touch to your modern-day celebration, add a pop of color to your jewelry pieces! Go for emeralds, sapphires, or even rubies for your wedding day gems! We love this emerald gem surrounded by diamond studs everywhere. Imagine the pop of deep green emerald color against your immaculate gown. Lovely, isn't it?

Modern Bride #5

Last but not the least is this feisty but fit-for-a-lady bridal look for everyone who wants to get the best of the vintage, bohemian, and the modern bride look. I am head over heels in love with the three-tier diamond bridal earrings that perfectly fit any bride. This earring is also a good investment if you want to have them even after the wedding as it can also be an excellent accessory for other high-profile. If a bride wants a classic look, this is the best choice indeed. "Here comes the bride" has never seen such a sophisticated bride than one who wears three-tier diamond earrings!

You deserve the best on your wedding day with the best bridal jewelry. Turn the bridal fashion on with fabulous wedding day earrings. You are worth the wait at the end of the aisle, so make sure the groom's captivated when he sees you. You both deserve it! Congratulations! For exquisite wedding day jewelry, visit Don't sit there waiting. Sparkle on your wedding day, darling.

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