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Old Hollywood Glam's Fashion and Jewelry Guide

Old Hollywood Glam's Fashion and Jewelry Guide

Old Hollywood glamor, is there anything more fashionable as this? A classic hairstyle, vintage clothes, antique jewelry, it does not get better than that. From Old Hollywood fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall, and Elizabeth Taylor, we can always get some top-notch fashion inspiration and style. If you're looking for some vintage style tips directly from old Hollywood actresses, read through this blog and find the right look for you.

1. Simple and Classy

Audrey Hepburn is the face of classic movies, but she is also one of the most looked-up-to Old Hollywood fashion icons. It is said that Emma Watson is today's, Audrey Hepburn. You get the picture: simplicity, dignity, heart, and total class. One stand out thing about Audrey Hepburn is her vintage jewelry pieces. She did not wear much during her prime; she was more known to be a pearl jewelry lover, like the one she's wearing in the photo. She's one of the classic fashion icons that showed truth and beauty in simplicity.

2. Remembering the Sexy Black Dress

One of the best Old Hollywood glamor fashion ideas is a sexy black dress. Though the dress code of the 1940s was not necessarily uptight, an off-shoulder black dress was a bit of a vintage fashion risque that is worth it. Channel the vintage Hollywood fashion with this sexy dress paired with dainty and sparkly vintage jewelry. Old Hollywood glamor loved everything that sparkles, thus the diamonds. If you are looking for a vintage fashion guide, don't forget everything dark and sparkly.

3. Timeless Hairstyles

Although a lot of glitz and brilliance came with Old Hollywood gowns and jewelry, let us not forget the vintage Hollywood hairstyles that still is taking over today. I don't think hairstyles from the old era will ever go out of date; they are forever timeless. If you're looking for Old Hollywood fashion ideas, take it from this actress who donned a perfect vintage hairstyle, a puffed black dress, and some floral pearl earrings for that extra special something. I can't get over this look right here.

4. Let's not forget the Diamonds!

Could we ever talk about vintage fashion and forget about one of the most influential women of their time, Marilyn Monroe? Of course not. Marilyn walked in color and crossed every possible taboo set during that time. Viewed as a sex symbol of her time, Marilyn loved the vintage fashion that involved furs, gold jewelry, and diamonds. If you want to impersonate this Old Hollywood veteran actress, not to mention controversial, don't forget the furs, the gold jewelry, and the diamonds. Oh, and her perfect blonde hairstyle, too. If you want to go the extra mile, put on a fake mole, also!

5. Pearls are Wonderful Treasures

Just like what former First Lady Jacky Kennedy always said, "Pearls are always appropriate," and in an era that loves everything glamorous, it is no surprise why Old Hollywood fashion icons adored the pearl. Perhaps because pearls are always sexy and elegant but with whatever ensemble they pair it with. So this Hollywood actress took it to the next level by donning a pearl necklace, pearl drop earrings, and a sophisticated pearl ring. A fashion guide from Old Hollywood style will tell you there's no such thing as too many pearls. Pearls are the name of the game in vintage Hollywood.

6. A simple woman with a twist!

Lauren Bacall was one of the most captivating faces of black and white Hollywood. She was famous because of her stellar acting skills and her one of a kind sultry voice, but she was also the love of Humphrey Bogart's life. This stunning actress conquered old Hollywood despite her different style. She was known to be more of a simple woman, as contrasted to Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. Her laid back style could be seen in the roles she played where she would look great with a plain top and some statement earrings only. If relaxed elegance is what you're looking for, refer to Lauren Bacall's fashion guide.

7. Black and White Fashion

Do you think the love for gems only started today? It started long before, even during the most glamorous Hollywood era ever, the 1940s-60s. Prints were not yet a thing during this time, so most especially women loved to rock the all-white, or all-black ensembles. As expected, they all looked dazzling and classy. To make their looks more appealing to the audience, these black-and-white bombshells wore gem jewelry to pair with their chic pieces. Just look at this photo. What else could make a white halter dress look regal than gemstone jewelry? This fashion orchestration is like perfection.

8. Vintage-vibe is always on-the-go!

Perhaps we already know how these vintage beauties adore jewelry so far; I haven't seen a photo where no jewelry was involved. But little did you know, more and more fashion styles from vintage Hollywood spark your interest and love for fashion. The '40s was a time with a great passion for low cut tops and black gloves. Headdresses with nets were also a fashion staple to high society women. Red lipstick was a makeup signature of vintage ladies. And what went better with black gloves than top-notch pearl bangles set in gold? If you don't call these eras taste as impressive, I don't know what to call them anymore.

9. Pearls, pearls, and more pearls!

Strings of pearls were everyone's cup of tea during the golden vintage years. It seems like there was an unwritten code that says, the more pearls you wear, the more fashionable you are going to look. Well, pearls were everything during this era, and man, do they all give justice to this beloved jewelry. Do you want to look like an Old Hollywood goddess? Never forget to wear your string of pearls for extra beauty. Take it from these Hollywood actresses who ruled the spotlight! For extra elegance, get a ton of pearls for perfect effect!

10. Who said modern pieces couldn't go with Vintage fashion?

A modern touch to the glamor of vintage Hollywood was this ring necklace that was unconventional to this time's style. This actress braved the fashion scene with this metallic necklace against her black dress. Just when you thought that you could only wear pearls, diamonds, and gems, this picture shows up. Well, Old Hollywood still had a taste for everything contemporary. So, if you want to rock the old glam days, you can use your modern pieces, too. Isn't that amazing? Looking like a vintage star has just been made easy.

11. Religious Jewelry

Religious jewelry also started to take over the fashion scene in the 1950s when actresses started to prefer simpler jewelry for their photo opportunities. When expressing religion was not that popular, actresses went for subtle jewelry pieces that would help them express their faith without overwhelming their audience. Even up to now, cross necklaces are fashionable accessories, so if you want to look like a dapper 1950s superstar, go for your cross jewelry and stand out as someone from the classic Hollywood era. Is there anything easier and more fabulous than having that in your jewelry box?

12. Prepare to have a nostalgic feeling

Have you seen damsels in distress in old Hollywood movies? I don't know if it's only for cinematic purposes, but these ladies always look so well in their ensembles. Another remarkable thing about these ladies is that they seem not to miss anything in the jewelry department. In one of the movie stills of vintage cinema, this leading lady drips with sparkly diamonds in her ears and her chest. Brooch was also a big part of their fashion back in the days, and they would always be filled with different beautiful gems and diamonds. Luxury, it seems to me, was a fashion requirement back in the days.

13. Hollywood Fashion

Last but surely not least is this beautiful representation of how extravagant the ladies were during Hollywood's old glamorous days. Their jewelry taste isn't only for their dresses and faces; even their hats receive the honor of being showered with sparkly things. The hat can either have diamond brooches, pearl pins, or colorful gemstone accents. How high fashion is that? Thankfully, that kind of extravagance isn't that important today. But for a moment, just imagine what it would be like to live in a sophisticated time like this? I would drool for every jewelry I might see! Amazing!

It's no wonder anymore why everyone today is so head over heels with vintage fashion that we still see it incorporated with the everyday wear of so many ladies. Even in Pinterest, the most searched category is vintage fashion. Classy never goes old, so it's safe to say that vintage style will live forever. So, if you're a vintage fashion lover, too, we hope that you got tips from these amazing Old Hollywood actresses. Don't forget to shower yourself with jewelry pieces. Check out's vintage collection and strut your fashion! Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling!

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